Have you ever been inspired by a story on Episode?

So, @Episodians, have any of your stories been inspired by other people’s stories on Episode?

I’ve been inspired by characters from other stories, and directing, but most of my characters and plots are inspired by real life.


YASSS!!! It’s…

“Adopted Vampire”

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Yess :star_struck::star_struck:
A couple stories I’ve read on episode did inspire me to write my own story and also direct. :ok_hand:t5:


Kill My Love is all about revenge and I was kinda obessessd with revenge stories at that time so that motivated me to write a story about revenge.

The Ruby Tiara is about harem drama and I read the story not long after I finished watching SOYP so that builded up the excitement of me writing a story on episode. Of course, it didn’t worked out.

I have!!

I’ve been inspired by a few high school stories to create my own (with some twists)

I’m not sure. I have been given ideas by reading other Episode stories.

What about you, @WritingWithStars?

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Oh yeah definitely! I’ve never plagiarised/ stolen an idea tho. I mean I haven’t even published anything yet lol.

Sometimes (well often because I’m incredibly picky) I get inspired by something I find bad. Lol I make a mental note not to write that way and that turns into a story idea. For example, there are a lot of mafia stories out there with these strong/intimidating LI’s… So in my story I’m working on currently the LI is shy and socially with drawn but still has yk… emotions.
Sometimes I get inspired from really good amazing stories and make a note to include something similar/that gives me the same feeling as when I read those stories. i always liked stories where the MC wasn’t perfected and had clear flaws and she is/was forced into this unknown world/place. It doesn’t have to be fantasy either, one of my favorite stories from there is about two people navigating this arranged marriage (they both signed up for it) and the girl has no experience with love and she can be very childish so it kind of shows her navigating a relationship.

There are also some tropes that I really like that I’ve noticed a little in Episode stories as well. For example, let’s say there’s a story where Mary dies somehow and gets transported to another world where she’s in the body of Edna, who happens to be a really evil person who everyone hates. She eventually wins everyone’s trust and affection. I honestly love that trope lol. Even if it’s cliche, it’s just so good. I love the conflict and I honestly don’t see it so much on Episode. It’s more so present in Webtoons I’ve seen for some reason. There are soo many stories like this on those types of apps and I’m not complaining because I love them.

I’ve also gotten inspired by the way someone wrote something too. Sometimes I didn’t really like the plot tho and left because of that but again took that mental note of how they write.


Yeah, I agree with you on being inspired by something bad. Me too. Ha


Ah, yes! That’s one of the reasons why I made Eduardo’s sister a little different from the cliché high school mean girl. In a cliché story, she’d be blonde, insanely popular, super rich, a daddy’s girl, and either obsessed with or dating the LI. Well, Ana Paola a.k.a Rockstar isn’t blonde, and she doesn’t dress better than Ellie. They both have their own style. She isn’t really close to her dad, and obviously she isn’t dating the LI because he’s her brother. I did use some of the classic mean girl elements to keep some drama in the story, but I changed up a lot of the things I dislike about mean girls in stories.


Yeah I really liked her when I read your story. Clearly she was her own character! I’m trying to do that in two of my stories.

One of them does have the classic mean girl character but she has more depth and a slow character arc. It’s also not a high school story and set in older times. I keep her blonde and stuff tho cuz that’s how I originally wrote her. I also wrote her to be someone everyone loved and was naturally really quite beautiful. I noticed that with a lot of the mean girl stories authors shame the mean girl for her looks or she isn’t actually pretty or something. I wanted to do the opposite with this story when I wrote it. I wanted to make her seemingly so perfect to others.

I’m writing another story with bratty twin sisters. Mostly for plot reasons because in the story there’s this new elite school and I tried to think of reasons why they wouldn’t be allowed in because that has to happen in order for the story to make sense. The only thing I could think of is if the principal doesn’t like the idea of them being there with them both being so horrible to everyone around. But then ultimately makes a deal with their mom and they get in. But yeah the bratty sisters aren’t blonde or anything like that, aren’t daddy’s girls either. They’re rich but so is the MC but the reason they are that way is because of their fame (they’re famous lol) and because of their abusive mother.

So yeah with tropes/cliches they can be done well I think if you add that originality to them. I can definitely tell when someone has put thought into their characters.


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