Have you ever borrowed a book and forgot to return it?

This was a serious problem for me as a kid. I’d see a friend reading a book in class, and asked if I could borrow it.
I did, and often forgot to return it.
There was this one particular instance where a friend was selling some books in a garage sale, and I bought one.
Soon after, we had a fight, and she demanded I give her book back, even though I had paid for it. :rage: :rage: :rage:
My parents made me give it back just to avoid problems with her. :cry: :cry:
That hurt; I really liked that book.


Yes, I have.
Most of them were small school books in primary school. Whoops. My bad.

What about you, @Bookworms?


I had borrowed several books of Feluda ( a bengali detective) from my uncle and never returned them :joy:

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Poor uncle

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He’s also a Feluda-obsessed, I mean mystery genre-obsessed :joy:

Once he was like - “Lil one, you know where ‘Darjeeling Jomjomat’ is?”

-“How am I supposed to know where you kept it?!”

Then I remember - Oops-

HAHAHA. (shaking head)

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No. I never forget. I only pretend to

Oh wait, there are some books that I had borrowed from my school library and I forgot to put them in my school bag to carry them to school and return them. But then I did that the next week.

Literally all of 3rd grade… I can still hear the librarian screaming in the distance

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