Have you ever bought a beauty product that turned out to be a scam?

I have, unfortunately.
At the end of 2019, I saw an ad for these natural looking wigs on Facebook. My hair was horrible at the time, so I thought I’d get one and wear it every day so that I’d never have a bad hair day. They weren’t even expensive, and since I didn’t do any research beforehand, I just went about bought these ‘two-for-the-price-of-one’ wigs.
Well, since they were taking forever to arrive, I started watching wig videos on Youtube to see how to apply them, or if anyone had bought the same ones I had ordered. I found nothing about them, but I did learn a lot about synthetic wigs vs. human hair ones. Finally, after doing more research, I discovered that Facebook ad wigs turned out to be a huge disappointment, as many people who bought them got these low-quality, fake looking wigs that weren’t even lace front.
I got mine after two months, and they were awful.

Have you ever bought a beauty product that wasn’t anything like the advertisements?


Nope. I don’t buy many beauty products.

@BeautyEssentials Have you guys ever gotten scammed?

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I don’t even buy beauty productssss so nope.

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Yes, waiff, you don’t need to.
You are le beauty~

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I don’t really buy beauty products from online advertisements, so I’ve never had this happen to me, but I have seen videos online where people have purchased products and they weren’t what they thought they would be

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