Have you ever fainted?

I have fainted and nearly fainted quite a few times, I really hate the way it feels :sweat_smile: what about you guys? Ever fainted?


I have, but only once

It wasn’t a lot of fun and I hit my face pretty hard against a wall, so I would not recommend it :joy:


Yes. One tome, it was a friends birthday. The night before, I didn’t drink any water or eat any dinner. I woke up late so I skipped breakfast and I didn’t pack any water. I went hard on biking with them all around town. Then once I went to a stop, everytbing felt fuzzy. Thank god he was there to catch me before I fell and hit myself

That was the first and only time I passed out :ghost:

Yeah, I did 3 times, the last time was only a couple of days ago

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Multiple times…on the toilet.

Not that I remember. :flushed:

I think I’ve nearly fainted a couple of times but I’ve never really fainted and weird as it is, I’m really curious how it feels to faint?

I can tell you that. You get really hot, everything becomes muted and your vision goes blurry before going black.

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Oh, and I suppose your body feels heavy? Or is that just something books say? I contemplated pretending to faint one or two times, to get out of situations (I’m dramatic, sue me!) but I didn’t know what it feels like to faint, so I couldn’t even pretend. :joy:

Hmmm, I can’t remember my body feeling heavy…

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Mine goes green :blush:

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Wait, how?!


I don’t know :joy: I can describe how it is to faint for me

  • I start to lose feeling in my body, like an intense pins and needles but all over
  • I hear a high pitched ringing
  • I feel hot
  • Vision goes green
  • Vision goes black
  • Then I’m on the floor

But usually I lie on the floor at stage one

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Oh and the horrible feeling in my head

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If I could describe this, a good example would be the last time it happened.

I told my hands to wave infront of my face and they did it, like I could see them waving but I couldn’t really feel it. It was like, I had control over my body but I couldn’t feel what I was doing.

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I get tingly and hot, everything sounds muted and my vision gets blurry. Cold sweats are great…

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I passed out once. It was a few years ago and I was pretty sick, and I had a really bad nosebleed in an airport so my mom was trying to take care of me in the bathroom while we were waiting for the plane. I was lightheaded from the blood loss and I just kinda went limp. I remember my vision was blurry, but that’s because I was so lightheaded. Other than that I don’t remember much about passing out specifically.

I’ve never fainted but pretended to. I dunno how it feels.

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You don’t want to know

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I kinda want to