Have you ever made a special drink from scratch?

I’ve made a few drinks from scratch, such as:

  • Starbucks-style frappuccinos. Back when Starbucks was closed during lockdown last year, I tried to make my own frappuccinos at home. They actually tasted pretty decent.

  • Dalgona coffee I tried this out at the beginning of lockdown in March-April 2020, but… that’s a time I wish I could erase from my memory. Now I can’t stand even thinking about Dalgona coffee, because I used an awful-tasting instant coffee, and it just reminds me of how awful that time was. (It’s also related to the reason I used to hate the song Psycho, but that’s a different story.)

  • Root beer We have this root beer concentrate here in Mexico that you can buy in a bottle and make your own root beer with ice and mineral water. It’s different than American root beer, but it tastes good. (It’s sold near my house, and the brand of root beer concentrate is my oldest nephew’s name. :yellow_heart: )

Have you ever made a drink from scratch?


Yes! My mom makes a really good Frappuccino.

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My mom made a chocolate banana shake which is good on a hot day. For sweet she add honey :honey_pot:. Don’t forget to had ice cube :ice_cube:

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Yeeeee the classic Filipino chocolate drink using tablea. I made it with some extra milky, creamy, and sweet ingredients that were leftovers from some kind of shake my dad and sister made and has been my favorite drink for a while.

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No :pleading_face: But I only drink water, tea, protein shakes and lemonade so there really isn’t anything else I’d be interested in

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Said Frappuccino is currently killing me.

I make really good fruit tea. What about you, @Foodies?

I’ve made milk tea from scratch, as well as matcha lattes

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I tried making milk tea, but it tasted weird.

I just tried matcha today for the first time. It’s very earthy.

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Lemonade and Limonade

What’s all in it? How did you create it?

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Oh, It’s peach tea with strawberry flavor mix. Delicious.

Make any other yummy things?

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Ice cream latte! Was really good. Basically just coffee with ice cream.

Depends what you class as special.

Ive nade hot chocolate.

Ive also made peach ice tea


I made boba recently!!
Chloe Tings recipe :eyes:

Unfortunately the bubble tea thread is closed :smiling_face_with_tear:

ba ding

I literally had no tea in my house other than this strange throat coat one so I ended up making strawberry milk :skull:



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It took the better part of two hours :sob:

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Was it worth it?

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