Have you ever sold art?

I have and I earned 20€ with it :eyes::sparkles:
I kinda think that it was too much money for the art piece I sold, but I’m happy that I earned some money :smiley_cat::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

How about you? Have you ever sold art?
How much money have you earned with it?


I’m thinking of doing commissions :thinking: hmu if you would buy one from me


No, because:

  1. It’s really stressful. As a students, I’m focusing on my academics first.
  2. I’m too lazy to create a paypal account.

I think there were two people who DMed me asking that if I do comissions or not but I rejected their offers.


I haven’t but i hope one day soon! I want to get better at free handing things and develop my own style first instead of doing episode characters

No but that would be very cool! :)

I personally have not, but if my art actually started being good enough to sell I might consider it

Yes I have, I had three commissions back to back in early December. And then prior to that, I think I’ve sold paintings at one time or another

Nope. My art’s not good enough, yet.

I’m too proud of my art, and besides, I don’t know if anyone would like it.


I don’t remember, but I got quite a bit with a few pieces.

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