Have you ever taken private lessons?

I’ve only taken private lessons for voice, but I guess that kinda counts :eyes:

  • Have you ever taken private lessons?
  • Would you want to? :eyes:

Yep, math and physics. My teachers suck and can’t explain anything properly, so I had to take lessons.

I’ve also taken an English lesson to help with writing an essay for a scholarship once, but it didn’t really help since the tutor just wrote the essay for me :upside_down_face:

I think I prefer group lessons. I don’t really want all attention on me-

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That sucks! :pleading_face: At a school I went to, they had to get a substitute when a teacher went on maternity leave and no one learned anything in that class and so many people dropped the class, even though most of them had to take it

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Yes, I had to take some private math lessons but it never helped! I’m just not capable of understanding that and I only get frustrated because of that, because no one can explain it to me


You get to drop classes? :pleading_face: Meanwhile here we don’t pick our classes or teachers.

And this is the first time I’ve seen someone have a bad substitute teacher. Usually they’re better and teach you way more

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well they have to take it the next year really

i know, it’s crazy

one physics substitute i had was absolutely terrible as well because they hated the part of physics we were supposed to be learning

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Teacher skills 200 :star_struck: I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules?

Meanwhile we really need a physics substitute. Not even previous generations suing her got rid of her

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tell me more :eyes:

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Well, she has anger issues and can’t explain a lesson properly then gets mad at questions, she accidentally broke a computer out of anger and “jokingly” threatened a bunch of students :star_struck:

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that sounds awful

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Yeah, everyone I know from that school hates her

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Learning the piano, yes, but the tutor suddenly ditched us out of nowhere so that was discontinued :star_struck:

but yeah, academic-wise, nope. I don’t want to either, because I don’t want to make my shyness and awkwardness worse.

Just adding a tag

I took this thing called RSM (Russian school of mathematics) in 5th grade and I hated it

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