Have You Ever Written Fanfiction?

Yup…Erotic, dystopian Disney princesses :grimacing:

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Oh. So sorta like The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer(s)? ( I don’t remember if there was an s at the end of her name )


I’ve heard of the series! Kinda curious how their fairytale dystopian world is :joy:
Mine was all the villains returned in an alternate timeline and effectively caused armageddon in the newer, more sexually liberating timeline. And all the princess come together to defeat the villains one by one. And I think I killed off a few princes :sweat_smile:

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I would totally read that. The Lunar Chronicles is a great series. Definitely recommend it. Also recommend the Renegades series by Marissa Meyer(s). Both are great, though the last book of Renegades ( Supernova ) come some out November 5th :unamused: I have two books coming out that day

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Thanks haha.
I just looked it up and recognize the covers! Was always interested in reading them :slight_smile: May have to give them a chance soon :heart_eyes:


Ah fanfiction
we go a long way back shudders at memories of twelve year old Cam


Allow me to ramble about this

I have, I used to be obsessed with a couple shows and books and i just wanted to make content. Cue a thirteen year old Cam with a barely understandable English trying to write fanfic. I think it’s safe to say that wanting to finish my fanfic on Wattpad is one of the reasons i began learning proper English grammar.

Not really, though i have a couple friends who have introduced me to new stories and games and i have a couple ideas for fanfiction. Now, if i’ll ever actually make them… only time will tell

Cue war flashbacks
the project i worked on the most… was a Sherlock fanfic
a part of my dark past that will forever stay with me, apparently, since i’m too attached to actually delete it from my wattpad
i also wrote some things for The Mortal Instruments, a piece of Malec angst (the one decent thing i wrote) still gets comments every now and then

my favourites shall go unnamed, but if you ever show interest on one of the fandoms or pairings i’ve read, i may just give you a recommendation

stretches hands and adjusts glasses

Fanfiction has been a part of history of literature for a very long time (although it has not always been called that, of course)
In Medieval Spanish literature, the works that were derived from others, that continued other plots or used other characters were held in high regard, to the point that it became a prompt to say “this work is not originally mine, it’s from something i found on [insert random, real or made up piece]”, Don Quixote is a good example.
Talking about Don Quixote, the plot for the second book is based on a fanfic someone (no one really knows who it was, although there’s been some interesting debates about it) wrote while Cervantes hadn’t published a second part, and the plot is like “oh man, someone’s writing bad stories about me? i gotta find them and fight them” it’s a brilliant work, honestly, playing with the fourth wall and making Cervantes-like meta comments
A couple other Spanish stories have fanfic that’s now considered part of the Spanish literature canon, too, so fanfic writers, don’t get discouraged

a couple other authors have written works based on other existing stories, such as Dante in his Divine Comedy and Ovid in his Metamorphoses
for another example (though this is not as much fanfic as it is just taking ideas from a canon work and putting them in your own works), there’s also the story about J. R. R. Tolkien, who was so disappointed in Macbeth that he added his own “fix it” to LOTR, with the trees actually walking and a loophole in the “no man of woman born” prophecy

i don’t know if i’m making any sense here but basically i just wanna say:
write what you like, and if what you like is fanfic, then go ahead and write that too
fanfic, although not as esteemed nowadays, is and has been a great thing, so don’t let anyone discourage you


Yes! Hamlet is fanfiction :stuck_out_tongue: and then The Revenger’s Tragedy is a parody of Hamlet! Literature is a lot more convoluted than people make it out to be!

And then, of course, you have writers like Martin who started off writing sci-fi fanfic!

I have to say: your long answers are a pleasure to read!

I’m also really glad that no one asked me to share my monstrosities :stuck_out_tongue:


oml i feel so flattered by your reply! i’m glad you enjoy my answers :3

You are completely right, literature has been so complex and it has such an interesting history, it saddens me that now fanfiction is considered a “lower” form of writing taking into account how important it has been.

And thanks for your additions! I knew there were a lot of things missing from what i wrote~


Tell me about it! It’s an important part of both our literary history and the personal history of many writers. For me, it was an essential stepping-stone to becoming more comfortable when writing novels


You’re right
You talked about fanfiction in one of your blog entries, didn’t you?


I did! The pointlessness of OOC fanfiction :stuck_out_tongue:

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…gonna bump this

Here is a question?

Is Fanfiction about real life people disrespectful?


It depends on the fanfiction, personally! If a person has expressed discomfort about a specific topic, it would be extremely disrespectful to write fanfic about them in that way!

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That’s true, I know some celebrities see the funny side of it

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I know I would! It would be hilarious! As long as it wasn’t anything disturbing, gory or illegal

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Same with me damn I hope I’m famous enough one day that people write fanfic about me

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I wrote so many fanfics it’s not funny anymore :sneezing_face: I usually prefer working through “imagines”— a part of me died when I said that on public right now fjjdjdkskw

You basically have a cute/angsty/angry moment then continue from there, so my fanfics were usually short. But I had these two fanfics and lordddd idk how I had the patience to write those :skull:

It was about this a group of friends and the reader in zombie apocalypse. And the other one was an angsty teen fanfic omggg

I never wrote fanfics about a series, I usually write about characters, I never know how the universe works, so I can’t write a continuation but I do want to try it for Death Note :grimacing:


What would the Fanfic be about for this? :joy:

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Getting rid of Near! I didn’t want Kira to lose! :sob:

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The ending was amazing though it was dramatic as hell :joy:

I wanted L to win and he kinda did from beyond the grave :joy: but I didn’t like Near

Like in the Light Vs Near thing I wanted Light to win but in the L Vs Light thing I wanted L to win.

Besides Ryuk is my favourite :sunglasses: