Have You Ever Written Fanfiction?

I wrote so many fanfics it’s not funny anymore :sneezing_face: I usually prefer working through “imagines”— a part of me died when I said that on public right now fjjdjdkskw

You basically have a cute/angsty/angry moment then continue from there, so my fanfics were usually short. But I had these two fanfics and lordddd idk how I had the patience to write those :skull:

It was about this a group of friends and the reader in zombie apocalypse. And the other one was an angsty teen fanfic omggg

I never wrote fanfics about a series, I usually write about characters, I never know how the universe works, so I can’t write a continuation but I do want to try it for Death Note :grimacing:


What would the Fanfic be about for this? :joy:

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Getting rid of Near! I didn’t want Kira to lose! :sob:

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The ending was amazing though it was dramatic as hell :joy:

I wanted L to win and he kinda did from beyond the grave :joy: but I didn’t like Near

Like in the Light Vs Near thing I wanted Light to win but in the L Vs Light thing I wanted L to win.

Besides Ryuk is my favourite :sunglasses:


SO I just finished this awful fanfic and I’m dying inside. Dying of embarrasment and laughter.


Oh gosh. Be careful! It might get turned into a book!

50 Shades…

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This just makes me think of Bob’s Burgers, when Tina writes “erotic friend fiction” about her friends :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


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Haha don’t think I can write a fanfic about Neffex because I’m too old for that hahah.

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Ah yes time for this one to make a comeback!

Have any of our new users written a fanfic?

And a question for the @RPers have any of you ever done an RP where you play people from a fanfic?


Ooh I’ve done a lot of fan fictions in roleplays

Most of them based on superhero’s or something like that.


:sweat_smile:. It’s easier than making a completely new character :eagle:

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I’ve written many fanfics but never published them :joy:


When I was in middle school I wrote this whole apocalyptic story where Xiaoyu and Hwoarang from Tekken were the protagonists. I don’t know why I shipped them so badly but when the movie came out I was so disappointed :pensive:

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No… I thought of tho.