Have you memorised the Periodic Table of Elements?

I loved chemistry back in high school, it was one of my favourite subjects even if I didn’t fully understand it hahah We had to memorise the periodic table of elements and I did. I knew a lot about almost every element but I forgot everything… That was a long time ago

  • Have you memorised the Periodic Table of Elements?

Omg yess although I never liked chemistry but it was fun memorizing it and I still know it up to this day which is pretty rad.
I must say that was my fav part of chemistry and also talking about Osmosis!

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I loveeee chemistry but I don’t think I could ever memorize the periodic table, even if I wanted to :grinning:

Yep, we had to memorize all of them for a test, it was the most annoying studying I’ve ever done :joy:


HAHA no-

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don’t know all of them, but i did learn far more than i should ever have to know about elements for my chemistry class

I haven’t memorized the periodic table. I never had to. I can remember some elements and their symbols, and I can vaguely remember the first few because of a classmate that memorized part of it, so I heard her and can remember some of it slightly.

I’m not very fond of chemistry lol but I still haven’t that subject so yeah

Haven’t memorised the whole periodic table but we gotta memorise at least 30-40 elements according to the sequence of the atomic numbers.

But in periodic table I have memorised some specific groups from S-block and P-block only like group 1, group 2, group 13 and group 17

No, not really.

nopeee hahah never

i have!

i have always been a big nerd so when i was 10 i began memorising it on my own for “fun”
years after that… well it’s still calming to me to recite something familiar



what is it?

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I haven’t taken a science course since grade ten, so I definitely do not have the periodic table memorized.

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