Have you tried a gherkin?

For anyone who doesn’t know, gherkin can either be just another word for pickle or it can be a specific type of small, sweet pickle. Have you tried a gherkin (either kind)? If yes, do you like them?

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Ehh no
I don’t like pickles~


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But I do like spices

I love pickles.

I’ve tried pickles before, and I’m not a fan of eating them. I like the smell of a pickle, but not the taste.

@Foodies What do you guys think about gherkins/pickles?



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Mmmm… I’ve always loved gherkins!

I tried one and… no, never again :sweat_smile:

@Foodies Do you like gherkins?

Nope, don’t like vegetables

Trying to open a pickle jar. Help. Brute force isn’t working, and I really want a dill pickle.

You can try one of those grippers that you put over the lid and try twisting it off, or you can soak the jar in hot water. That’s usually how I get stuff open.

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Hot water it is. I wish I had a gripper, but my mom does.

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Didn’t work. A towel isn’t working either. And I just ate moldy cheese…

Make a hole in the lid it releases the vacuum

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I got it open. I hit the bottom.

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Also does the trick

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Thanks to some random Facebook lady.

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