Have you watched a show in a language you don't understand?

Has anyone here watched shows in languages that you don’t understand?
If so:

  • What were/are they?
  • What was cool/fun about it?
  • What did you wish was different?
  • What made it difficult or hard to follow?

I tend to watch shows with subtitles in English and listen to the audio in a different language. Having the subtitles does sort of prevent me from focusing too much on the audio, but I’m not good enough to understand what’s happening without it and would just get bored.


I did! It was a Taiwanese drama called Fated to Love You. A friend recommended it to me, so I started watching it and I loved it.

Learning a few words in a language I don’t speak, and learning about the culture. The story was cute and had a lot of comedic moments as well as emotional scenes. There was even a scene that made me cry, and I hardly ever cry over movies or TV shows.

Well, I watched in on YouTube but it was uploaded by segments instead of by episode. Apparently, the first few episodes were uploaded by a different user than the rest, and one of the users that uploaded the final episodes did not do a good job with the subtitles. I think they made them in a font that was barely legible.

That the language is very different than my own, and sometimes there were phrases that were difficult to translate. There was a very important part of the plot where the MC and LI had just gotten married, and when they were leaving, the LI thought she said ‘I tricked you’ but she actually said ‘I love you more’ or something like that. But at least the person doing the subtitles explained why the LI was so confused.


Yes! French tv show Le Chalet but I had English subtitles because I obviously don’t know French.
It was fun, I got to learn some words and phrases that aren’t really pg-13 hahah

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Miraculous Ladybug, watched it in like 5 different languages because the creators don’t have a set publishing schedule.

It was nice hearing the character’s original voices (french dub) and hearing a different language overall. I also learnt a few words, but not enough to form a sentence.

I wish they’d release episodes regularly and in one language, not 5 different ones. They could release the dubs later.

Sometimes the translation didn’t make sense, other times it was too fast and I had to pause.

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Yes! A couple. My spanish teacher had us watch Go! for Spanish class and it was a great way to learn spanish. We didn’t use English subtitles, we used Spanish subtitles. So we’d watch a scene then she’d ask us questions in Spanish about the scene and it was actually a great way to do it.

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A lot from many different languages to summarize. I’m basically a pro-subtitle-reader at this point. Nah but seriously, at this point I don’t even remember many but I think the one I watched most recently was some random clip of a scene from a Japanese show that I honestly can’t remember the name of rn either.

Just like any other, Japanese dramas/shows have a certain editing style to them that makes them fun and interesting to watch imo.

Not much really.

Nothing on my end. It was easy for me to follow along with.

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Um…no I haven’t actually but I have tried watching one in French so I can understand it better but I was picking up little things but I couldn’t fully understand it :joy:

Does anime count :eyes:

I watched an old miniseries called Shogun that was mainly in Japanese (there was some english in it, but most of the characters spoke Japanese)

Overall the miniseries was pretty interesting, and it was cool to watch something mainly in another language.

The biggest issue I had with it, was there weren’t subtitles, so it was hard to understand what was said when the dialogue wasn’t in English. Overall though, even with that difficultly, I still ended up liking it.

OMG you watched Go!!?? :scream_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:
I love that show so much that I’m watching it a second time, which is something I rarely do. The first time around was in January, and I just started watching it again last week.

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