Have you watched more films during quarantine?

Have you watched more films during quarantine? If so, which ones? :thinking::rose::two_hearts:

I’ve watched a few Bollywood movies (that I probably wouldn’t have seen if it weren’t for the quarantine, lol), such as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, as well as some others that I haven’t watched for years, such as Dhoom 3 and Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi. :rose::two_hearts:

So, what about y’all? :smiley::thinking::rose::two_hearts:


I’ve mostly been watching tv shows


Quite a few of the pokemon films and car 1,2 and 3 pretty much on loop for a week and a bit


I got bored watching movies about two years ago. Before that I watched movies every day and I ran out of movies to watch (of the newer ones going on the cinema). Recently I’ve missed quite a few. I used to be up to date with Marvel movies but I haven’t seen captain marvel or Spider-Man far from home.

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Ahh Far From Home is definitely worth your time, trust me, it’s amazing - especially seeing it for the first time (I still think it is after 30405 times of watching it!)

To answer the question, though, I’ve been watching a lot of TV shows. And the movie I’ve watched mainly is Zootopia as it has slowly become my favourite Disney movie, so I’ve watched it about 4 times in lockdown alone. (And also watched the 45 minutes worth of deleted scenes on YouTube!)

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Aw, now I wanna watch it! :heart_eyes:

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You should! Do you have a way of watching it?

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Nope :joy:

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I have it downloaded on my laptop, I can attach the file onto a Google Drive and you can watch it through there, if you want?

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Oh I would like that :shushing_face: That’s suuuper nice of you :heart_eyes:

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Of course, it’s no problem at all (just might take a second for it to load onto Google Drive since it’s a movie-size file!)

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I watched Euphoria and uhhhhhh let’s just say it’s very mature ajhkadfhkjsdh but it’s really good

I actually haven’t watched movies almost at all
I’m more of a series binge watcher

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I’ve finished like 3 TV shows and The Lord of the Rings…

I have watched a lot of studio Ghibli films during the quarantine and I absolutely adore them ! :sparkling_heart:

Though I low key think “My neighbour Tototoro” is very overrated

This is totally me as well!

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Ofc. But mostly more TV series’ instead.

Yes, I did watch a looooot of movies during quarantine. I do watch a lot of movies anyway, but it feels like in quarantine, almost every day, I would watch a film (or two!)

i’ve been watching shows tbh

More Shrek, lots of shrek.