Have you went go-karting?

Have you ever went go-karting?

It looks like this:

It’s on go-karts around a track. It’s pretty fun. I’ve always dominated all the races I’ve been in when I’ve went.

What about you? Have you ever went go-karting? And do you like it? Did you win?



I love it, it’s such a thrill :relieved:

No, never :grinning:

I’d definitely kick your a$$ then.

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Let’s not bully me :raised_hand:t5: :pensive:

I’m just a very slow racer ok :broken_heart: Take it easy on me, yes


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why not :sob:

It’s fun being dominant in everything I do. :relieved:

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ok now I practice go karts just to beat your a$$

im ab to yes :heart:

Sureee. Lmao.

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Maybe when I was younger, I don’t remember :pleading_face:
I would love to tho

It looks fun! I’ve never gone go-karting, but if the opportunity ever comes up, I’d like to.

I love Go-Karting! I’m terrible at it because my coordination sucks, but they doesn’t stop it from being fun!


I came in last the first time ok BUTBUTBUT WHEN I went on another track I was like one of the firsts AND ON THE SLICK TRACK I was like 3rd ok :relieved: be mf proud of me rn :triumph:

Danggg, you only said ONE of the firsts, not first exactly.💁🏻

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omg wow the shade :sob: :raised_hand:t5:
AT LEAST I DID BETTER OK :broken_heart:

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