Head up on a big surprise game for pc

I was check out Twitter and website. And I thought some of you might want to get it before May 21,2020.

Grand theft auto 5 is free only on this website
Get it be may 21 2020

I already heard about it and try to get it but the website crashed early in the day.

( if you don’t get and it will not be free after May 21,2020 )


Here a new about it 2


Omg may 21St that’s my b’day :hugs:

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Hello fellow Gemini.

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Don’t forget download it before may 21,2020

If you didn’t heard about it.

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This summer I may play grand theft auto 5.

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You don’t even have a rockstar social account but I actually do. Everyone is always welcome to join and play. I used to have a window tablet but it died like 2 years ago.

I actually just made one on rockstar social club. Everyone is welcome to join in grand theft auto 5 this summer. Probably July 2 I be playing.

Closed due to inactivity, PM me if you want it reopened! :two_hearts:

@laurenmusic :eyes:

Head up people, epic game is gonna to be more fun due to hitman this Thursday.

Who will get it
And keep checking every Thursday for new game.

Right now still trying to get to play grand theft auto but it does take 4 hours to load. :disappointed:

Closed due to inactivity.