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Oi, welcome to the heartbreak section of the forums where we have just created. This is where all we angsting folks can talk about heartbreak .

We have an advice column where you can submit questions or confessions here > :broken_heart:

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I don’t know… I’m just bored guys. I hope I see some of y’all here.

I’d also like to remind everyone that heartbreak isn’t just romantically – friends can break your heart too.

Hope you enjoy…and lets just enjoy this little section


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awh this is sad bruh :sob:

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It doesn’t have to be!! It can be for healing the heart too :relieved:

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Question One: Have you been heartbroken and by who? :eyes:

Like, yeah, :rofl: And oof, I won’t tag them or mention their name because that’d be kinda rude and I’m totally above being rude…totally.


Cracks fist.

Please. And I mean PLEASE. Be careful with online relationships.

I was in an on and off relationship from age 14 1/2 to 17 YEARS OLD. I’m 19 now but man was it toxic. I met a guy off of this now shut down gaming platform. We were the same age and bonded well. He was one of those players that spent sooo much money on the game. Regardless we developed a great friendship, Typical gaming together. Etc. Fast forward and we’re dating. Literally I saw a red flag and ignored it because I was a 14 y.o. insecure girl with trauma and depression. I didn’t know how to handle myself nor my feelings at that moment and he took advantage of that.

He accused me of cheating on him. I didn’t. And I begged him to not breakup with me because I wasn’t lying- Later now as an adult this was a manipulation tactic to make me submit to him more. He “broke up” with me. And I’m using quotations since he only did it to break me down since he asked to get back together like a week later. :woman_facepalming:t5:

From that point on. We were on and off constantly, It was a rollercoaster of a “relationship.” from planning to meet up, Him breaking up with me due to SOCIAL STATUS because he felt like I wasn’t enough on a GAME. Me getting tired of him and his ways but him once again manipulating me and taking him back. Him manipulating me into sending provocative pictures of myself, Him making me put everyone on a back burner and put him first.

A lot of people don’t take online relationships seriously but please. TAKE IT SERIOUS. Tread lightly even if it’s online it’s easy to fall for someone- Their still people it’s not that hard trust me. I was emotionally abused for 3 and a nickel years because I was naive and trying to cope with my trauma.


Question Two: How serious should edates usually be?

They shouldn’t be that serious if I’m being honest. Like usually they’re and should be for play and fun. But sometimes they get super serious so it really depends on the people and the feelings between them. Still be careful because someone can f*ck with your head, even online and feelings are still very very real. As someone who’s been in a serious online relationship it’s really dangerous because you don’t know if they’re who they say they are… but sometimes you gotta take risks and keep your common sense, 'aight? I reccomend dating real life people because it’s more tangible but…it’s quarantine.


I haven’t necessarily been heartbroken from people I’ve “had things with” versus genuine relationships. For example forum relationships. Only had one, Had a whatever with another. Both ended sour but I didn’t lose sleep over it. Their both good people and I wish them well.


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Louder for the people in the back Queen


I agree with your answer. It’s genuinely a coin toss. If the relationship is serious it could be taken seriously. Then there’s always the one-sided love- And one person would take it serious whilst the other wouldn’t. I tend to stray away from people who don’t outright speak up because it’s risks leading someone on. Regardless it really depends it’s easy to be manipulated online, Lied to online, Cat-fished etc there’s so many factors. Just make sure whatever decision you make that you vocalize with the other person.


Yess, be very forthright with your feelings. Because you may lead or may have lead someone one by not voicing your feelings. I know an online couple where there was miscommunication – the girl took it too seriously and the boy took it as play since he had a serious irl relationship. That ended awfully… And being lied too and catfished happens way too easily :anguished: Please be safe and careful y’all


omg :pleading_face::pleading_face: im glad youre out of it now :clap:t2:




They don’t deserve you and your ahmazing puns

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My ex responding to me celebrating Pride with a joke


ive been tempted to give up on men tbh- :rofl:


Thank you love!


her pun was a m a z i n g


If a man can’t pun, He was no sense of humor.

Leave him in the dust sis!


I did. He’d already broken up with me. He said he never loved me and the whole seven months was a lie