Help Me Figure Out This Dream!

Umm… So I had this dream that I honestly barely remember but I wrote down the parts I do remember. There was this message in it that I know is there. Usually, the dreams that I get messages in feel real and urgent and that is exactly what this dream felt like.

Here’s the dream:
Ok so I was on a quest with these girls and we didn’t know exactly what we were doing or what we were doing this for but there was this guy that we had to find.
This guy wanted us to find this other guy and we found him and we needed to find his stuff or his hideout or something
so we crossed a river and found it
Then there were these drawers with a secret code in them
and we were trying to figure it out when these evil people came (the other girl’s mothers) and they took them away but I hid under this bed
There was this song playing and the code was in that
They left and I was supposed to figure out the rest on my own but then I ended up waking up
It felt so real and urgent
Like they trusted me to figure it out

I need to find that song
'I think that it was part country and I know it was a popular song
like it exists and it’s a popular song


The song was similar to I Bet My Life so I think the song might’ve been by Imagine Dragons

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I often dream actual songs, I’m not sure what it means maybe it just means it’s stuck in your head.


There was just this sense of urgency in the dream like I needed to figure it out. There was even a symbol of this in there… At one point I realized I was dreaming and my friend was next to me and I was like “Are you (friends name)?” and she was like, “Yes” and then I suddenly felt the need to remember everything…


So while you were in the dream you realised you were dreaming? :thinking: I always enjoy those dreams.

I’ve had similar dreams to that, it was strange though there was this gem I needed to find and protect, first time I had the dream I failed. Next time I had the dream I succeeded.

Maybe you’ll get your dream again and more will be revealed.


Figured it out!