Help me with my deca project please :')

I’m gonna put this in school because it’s technically school-related despite being DECA so yeahhh

Anyway I have to do this campaign thingamajig ish and I decided to do it about the trans and enby washroom thing in high schools so if you could fill out the survey (you can be cisgender too, I wired the questions so that there are some things for you to answer) and follow the Instagram @thebathroomissue.deca I would love you forever :sneezing_face:

It’s pretty long imo yeah lmao but still I would love if you could do it <3
And if I’m being insensitive or something please tell me broskis



wut :sob::sob::sob:

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idk how to explain it :sob::sob:

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I wrote a paper on this!

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I just submitted!

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Your what project?

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bless your soul :sob::heart:

its this thing that I still don’t know how to explain lmaooo
its like

so the project I’m doing for deca is called a written, in which you write like a report on like a buisness/campaign/project or sum and i chose my topic to be like trans/enby and washrooms
and you submit it and then the actual project gets judged and stuff

And I don’t really get the oral aspect to deca so I’m just not gonna touch that :joy:

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Followed the Instagram account too.

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:pray:t5: I love you bless

Actually funnily enough when I met with these two girls who were going over my project you were the one follower I had :joy::joy:

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I would’ve done it anyway, because I love my trans friends and want to help them.

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idk if this will work :thinking: anyway if anyone cares to see the completed 20 page (well really 22) project that I nearly died over
Think you’d have to copy and paste into your browser idk


DECA has finished for this year

why tf did I open it lord