Here are 10 reasons about why i think i would quit writing on Episode

The reason I would quit writing on Episode.

1 - it’s time-consuming and it’s taking a lot of effort.

2 - I’m kinda bad at directing scenes

3 - I got banned on the Episode forums, and they didn’t even check if they were right or not.

4 - Wattpad is way better for me and it’s easier for writing in my opinion and obviously stupid me got focused on my episode story and not my Wattpad story and if I didn’t focus on my episode story I would prob have 5 chapters out. And the worst thing is that I left alone my Wattpad story for A MONTH, but luckily I wrote chapter 2 today. And I feel like my story is good unlike in Episode when I wrote a story I was like “Why did I even write this, that’s trash”

5 - For some reason when I’m trying to write my episode story I get mad for no reason.

6 - I think directing isn’t for me

7 - People somehow liked my worst story ever aka my first one, which this story was pure trash

8 - If I had to write a story on Episode it would prob going to take 2 years

9 - My online best friend wrote her first story today and already published her chapter 2, and she’s doing pretty good with her story! And also she tried Episode one time and she didn’t liked it.

10 - I think that writing on Episode was literally a waste of time

So yeah, that’s the reasons why I think i would quit writing on Episode.


Good for you! But don’t leave the forums lmao! Send me the link to your WP stories!


haha, I would never leave the forums!




Btw me and the gals are burning episode rn.


Oof I know- They deserves it tbh


Also, if I don’t send my link to my WP story I prob do it tmr because I’m busy watching my ytb videos & writing chapter 3 of it.

Also if we still would be on the episode forums we prob going to be flagged lmao


Just migrated here, and I would read your stories on WP. Episode is acting up these days.


It takes way too long to code episodes as well. I tried to write a story once and gave up after I’d only done half a chapter with 4h of coding.


I think Episode is good to code a short series (3-5 episodes). Writing on episode really gets my creative juices flowing.

Besides that though, episode is not a good platform to use if you want to be a writer. It focuses more on visuals and coding than it does on improving your writing, since the only “writing” you’re actually doing is characters’ dialogue

It’s WAY too time consuming too. One episode with advanced directing and complex branching may take 2-3 weeks to write. I really admire these other episode authors for doing it, they really have a lot of determination. Though, to me, it seems like a major waste of time.


I agree.

  1. They don’t even care about the writers. :roll_eyes:

For our @Writers here who use Episode, does anyone have anymore peeves that have convinced them or drawn them close to leaving the platform?

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I don’t like the mods and the way the higher ups act lol. I also don’t like how when you upload a cover it never shows up until you publish. Like, what if I don’t want to publish a story but want it to have an amazing cover so I can distinguish it? I was so happy when Wattpad let me add a cover lmao.


Oh I have one. They have the power to platform ban you at any moment and give you no reason why they do it.

While every company has that power, Episode likes to throw it around like the disgusting tyrannical platform it is. It thinks it has enough clout to be YouTube.

So basically, your years of hard work could be taken away from you at any time. Done. Poof.


The amount of toxicity going on. There are some people who go around “educating” but then bully other users.

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I’m not an Episodian, but I hear that a lot. Could someone give me some examples? :slight_smile: I’m really curious how this compares to the toxicity on the other sites!

If you go on an Instagram account called @/episodesroom, there’s a post about me supposedly being racist. They took an old photo which I fixed 6 months ago and accused me of cultural appropriation. The funny thing is, they have a problem AFTER I fix it and not before. Like if it was an issue, why now and not back then when no one batted an eye. Then they take screen shots of my stories and say I’m racist, including my reveal entry WHICH IS NOT EVEN AVAILABLE YET! I mean if you’re gonna do that, at least post the whole scene and not just a point where a character says something. It’s stupid!

And coronavirus is my opinion and I know a few others who have the same theory. Doesn’t mean I’m denying what’s happening. Yes people are dying I get it, but personally I don’t think it’s caused by a virus but something else. Just my theory and I’m entitled to it without being hated on.

Then there’s another post about my friend supposedly sending death threats. Yes I admit she went to far but only because people were sending HER death threats too. She just wanted them to feel the same way they made her feel when they sent it to her.

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… okay, that’s old tumblr level of toxicity. Which is about as toxic as a nuclear waste dump. Located at the end of a sewer extract pipe. From a chemical factory. In 1950ies. :expressionless:

Welcome to Episode :joy: