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Twelve years before the events at the focus of the series, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked the village hidden in Embers. It was a powerful demon; a single swing of one of its nine tails would raise tsunamis and flatten mountains. It raised chaos and caused the deaths of many, until the Fourth leader of the hidden embers village , defeated it by sacrificing his own life to seal the demon inside an unknown vessel

The Fourth Village leader of the Village hidden in Embers was celebrated as a hero for sealing the Nine-Tails away. He wanted the Vessel of the beast to be respected in a similar light by being the containment vessel for the Nine-Tails. Some of the villagers disliked that idea, they took matters into their own hands. A decree made by the Third leader made it so that the other villagers were forbidden to mention the event to anyone, even to their own children.

Events are starting to move against the ninja villages. The beast vessels are disappearing. Now it’s a race for the villages to gather as many beasts as they can and prepare the current generation of Ninja to be ready for the fight to come.

There are 9 tailed beasts. So far 2 beast vessels are found and closely monitored. The other 7 are unknown.

There are 6 main ninja villages. 2 are in the same land;

  • The village hidden in the stars. It is located in the land of the Moon. The village hasn’t been heard of in a decade.
  • The village hidden in the Blazing Plains. The Village is located in the land of flames
  • The village hidden in the Ember . Found in the land of flames
  • The village hidden in the Crystals. Found in the land of snow.
  • The village hidden in the Rivers . The village is located in the land of Water
  • The village hidden in the Scattered Valley. Located in the Grasslands

Some of the smaller nations have ninja villages though they aren’t as powerful as the main 6.


Each Ninja has the ability to use 1 chakra nature when they are at the lowest level.

Common chakra natures are;

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Lightning
  • Wind

Chakra is the energy that is used to make ninja techniques to make a technique good. You have to combine two types of chakra.

There are some rare chakra natures. They are called kekkei genkai. Chakra natures like these tend to commonly occur in very old and secretive clans.

Types of chakra;

  • Energy of the body- Chakra that generates in the body and cells As more as energy you can get this makes you stronger.
  • Soul Energy- This is the energy of your soul. The soul energy is kept in reserve; it comes out only when you are very tired or scared.
  • To make a good technique you have to combine these two types of chakra. You have to mix the soul and body chakra equally to make the technique work.

Every ninja has a chakra limit.

Ninja’s don’ have only the standard system for the circulation of blood, they have a system for circulation of chakra too. Chakra passes through the body through special tubing It is released as the entire system for cross circulation of chakra and out of the body.

Everyone will start at the same Rank:

Ninja Ranks

  • Academy Student - Academy Students are young ninjas who primarily focus on studying basic ninja techniques. Since they are usually quite inexperienced and weak, they are not included in the ninja workforce. The requirement to graduate from each academy varies in each village.
  • Genin - Entry level ranked ninjas are called Genin and are basically servants. They attain a metal forehead protector after graduating from the academy into a Genin. Much of the missions assigned to Genin are D-ranked, meaning that it’s mere labor work and combat is rarely ever involved.
  • Chunin- Only exceptional ninjas who are able to pass the Chunin Exam judged by the Village chiefs are allowed to become Chunins. Chuunins are often assigned higher level ranked missions. They are easily distinguished by their thick, green vest fancying stylish scroll pouches.
  • Jounin - Elite ninjas showing incredible skills are given a Jounin ranking, meaning that they are eligible for high ranked missions such as assassination. Many Jounins lead a group of three Genins and assists them on their missions, preparing them for the Chunin Exam. They act as a teacher and guidance counselor. Must pass the jounin exams
  • Ninja Counselor - These politicians work next to the Village chief and make important decisions. Just like most politicians they like to rip everyone off and make a lot of money. Must be jounin or higher
  • Sannin - Ninjas who possess unmatched strength and skill are ranked right below that of a Village chief . A maximum of three Sannin per village are appointed by each Village chief . Sannins no longer wear forehead protectors or vests, in order to blend in with common civilians. They are emitted to perform dangerous S-Class missions.


  • Medical-Nin- Must have passed a medicinal training program.Advanced ninjas who are able to carefully focus their chakra. Thus, enabling them with various medicinal healing techniques. When a Medical-Nin is added to a group, the chance of unnecessary deaths is dramatically reduced.
  • ANBU - Passed the ANBU training program. Elite military squads who enforce vigilance and justice are called ANBU. These guys are incredibly talented and specialize in assassination, investigation, and protection. They are distinguished by their animal mask and silver vest. Think of them as police with ninja skills!
  • Missing-Nin - anger or disobey your village leaders. Missing-Nins have either betrayed or abandoned their country in search of ambitions which are often frowned upon. They are often hunted as prey by Hunter-Nins and aren’t permitted to enter villages. Missing-Nins are trademarked by the slash cut into their headband across their country’s national symbol.


Ninja’s typically work in 4 man teams.

1 capitan -chunin or higher.

3 normal members. Some villages will have a least 1 medical nin as part of the team.

When genin are in a team the captain is a jounin rank ninja and teacher to the 3 genin members of the team. They will typically be called by their last name then sensei. It’s a sign of respect.

All ninja’s have a metal forehead protector somewhere on them. It is visible. The protector is a badge of honour. It being removed from them in a very public manner is a great dishonour to the person and their clan. Missing-Nin have their village symbol crossed out.

Village symbols;

  • The village hidden in the Crystals -
  • The village hidden in the stars. - A crescent moon and a small star.
  • The village hidden in the Blazing Plains -
  • The village hidden in the Ember -
  • The village hidden in the Rivers -
  • The village hidden in the Scattered Valley -

Karina research facility:

The facilities connected to the hidden village is unknown. For some reason, the village sends money and supplies to the facility.

All the kids wear a crescent moon forehead protector, the staff/ adults have a snowflake in place of the crescent moon.

The inner working of the facility isn’t known to outsiders. The village hidden in the embers think that it is run by their closest ally, the village hidden in the stars.
2 of the experiments have gone missing. No one knows where they are or what they are up to.

Ninja clans

A family of ninja. They have one head family. The male is typically in change. Though if a female is the first born in some clans, then she will lead the clan till her offspring are ready to take over.

Some clans have a kekkei genkai chakra nature or visual powers. Clans like to keep their kekkei genkai to themselves or known to a few outside their respective ninja villages. The ninja academy doesn’t teach young ninja about the jutsu used by each kekkei genkai. Young ninja only know of their existence. It’s up to the clans to teach their children their hidden arts.

Feel free to make your own clan up

More information on the world

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The SG will mainly focus on the village hidden in the embers.


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