-- Homemade food or restaurants?

Homemade food or restaurant food?

What do you prefer and why?

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Homemade, it’s way healthier for you and the thought of a hot homemade cooked meal sounds amazing.


Homemade! You can trust that your food was made with care



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I say both.

Homemade food, you know what goes into your cooking, you’re eating exactly what you want, you get recipes handed down to you from generations or your family, and your either learning how to cook or teaching others in your household how to. Also it’s more healthier for you. But I like going to restaurants here and there.


Both… mostly homemade food, but sometimes restaurants serve delicious food that’s kind of hard to make at home. So I’ll say every once in awhile, a restaurant, and homemade food most days of the week. :sunflower:

Homemade because Mummykins knows how I like my food.

Homemade :heart::rose::two_hearts:

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I’m really picky so going to a restaurant is never a good idea.

I prefer homemade generally, because I like cooking! I think it’s a lot of fun, and you can make all the specific variations you want without being a hassle.

However, sometimes restaurants can make really impressive things or things you can’t come close to replicating, and if I really want something like that, restaurants tend to be the way to go.

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Homemadd food. Most restaurant food are too oily for me.

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hMM tOO oilY fOr mE. :joy:

Ahh for me it depends on the restaurant. There is a couple restaurants near me that I love and will always prefer over homemade food

I don’t get social anxiety eating at home :blush:…unless we have guests

When I’m eating outside my mom can’t piss me off
And there’s no dished to wash
When I’m eating at home I don’t have to take an hour taking out the vegetables from my food

  • Homemade
  • Restaurant

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Let’s settle this :eyes:

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  • Both and neither. Depends bro depends

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Both but homemade food is always rad for me because I know what goes into the food.