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House of Caesar

Kalopsia Academy is one of the prestigious academies existing since the 1890’s, its creator Walter Henry, a poor man who pulled himself to wealth created the academy with the intent for anyone to make it in life, rich or poor. While initially the school had many moral faults, now in the current year it’s a beautiful, progressive, international school that shines as a beacon of light now in the year of 2020

This coveted academy is infamous for its 4 houses, Caesar, Cleopatra, Pyske, and Quetzalcoatl. House Caesar, it’s oldest and most prestigious house known for the proud athletes of both mind and body, it’s one of the most exclusive houses to be selected for. Named after Julius Caesar this house will take off to a rather rocky start. After news of last year’s event circulates the news,a gas leak that had leaked into the House of Caesar’s wing killed several staff and endagered the whole student body causing them to end school two weeks early and students forced to continue their studies at home. Despite the worldwind of bad press and pressure from the public, Kalopsia Academy, the fixed and renovated Caesar’s wing has returned for the next academic year ready to welcome their new students.

The students within the House of Caesar (and the rest of the houses) return to Kalopsia Academy after a long summer break as rivalrous and excited as ever. As tradition calls, the week back is filled with festivities and competition, including the infamous basketball games, cheer competitions and more. House of Caesar boasts their streaks of wins, however unaccounted events may not only derail their return to school, but also their lives. Kalopsia Academy, having been slapped to Pluto’s door, relies on these students to save them – or else they’re all doomed.

House Ceasar is its crown, House Pyske’s its scepter, House Cleopatra’s jewels, and House Quetzlcoatl is its throne.

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Chaotic Order

With the amount of foreign visas Kalopsia Academy sponsored one would have thought they must end up going broke. But with a 1.3 billion dollar endowment to spend on international exchange and students alone, Kalopsia Academy only had money to burn.

The lounge was rather poor compared to it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Breakfast and Dinner came together here though. With as many condiments as you can see and cold drinks to combat the warmer room temperature. Attendants walked around picking up dishes, grabbing seconds for students and refilling drinks. No one would leave the lounge without being stuffed with something.

August 28th 2020 | 9:30 PM (Central Standard Time

Blood Legacy

Yasu Kudō arrived in Chicago O’hare International Airport from Tokyo 10 hours after he boarded the plane. Seated in a business class, the flight could only be described as criminally comfortable. Seated thousands of meters in the sky, the cabin offered everything from showers, to wine to hand threaded designer blankets. Kalopsia was making good on their money.

However despite attentive (bordering annoying service), the popping within Yasu’s ears did not easily disappear. Despite this, Yasu was the most courteous person on the plane, minding his manners with complete respect. To say the attendants fought over the respectful and quiet passenger would be an understatement. As others yelled and shouted crude words, Yasu remained silent, the earbuds and movies on the plane providing an excellent distraction.

When he landed in Chicago he headed to the lounge, as directed to him by the useful welcome packet Kalopsia Academy sent all their students, perfectly outlined with direction and how to reach the group once landed. However this perfectly outlined manual could not settle the chaos from the wave of anxiety Kalopsia Academy was under. A leak had ended school early last year, it was shocking. While Chicago was not their final destination, it was a beautiful one. The bustling O’hare airport knew no calm, languages all over the world were spoken as people walked by and it was nothing short of breathtaking. It took a moment until Yasu found the United Airlines Lounge and with a simple flash of his school id, was ushered in.

Of Hermaphroditus

Enzo Gallen was in his final year of Kalopsia Academy and it was everything. The opportunities were endless and despite the workload and expectations among him, he was determined to finish this year with flying colors. Grinding was essential in House Caesar, the only ones who worked as hard as this house was, perhaps, House Psyke.

The flight was only two hours, but they had another two hours to Long Island, at minimum. First Class was shockingly nice however, despite it only being two hours he had collected a nice amount of things to take with him to the academy. Designer blankets, skincare and even a new watch. These amenities were not unfamiliar to Enzo however, and neither was the airplane or the flight attendants. A comfortable pace was being set back as he reached closer to Kalopsia Academy.

He flipped through the packet in his hands one more time, he had almost memorized it over the past years which is why something new stuck out to him. The page detailing what to do in case of an emergency. While among the most basic of things, had never been included before.

“Stay calm at all times, locate an officer if you fear your life is in danger and show them your school ID.” As if their school ID was a national treasure. It might as well be though, it was your identification and each person had to wear it around their neck in the academy. So although it wasn’t weird they would say that, Enzo noted this small change. After all, from the gas leak of last year it wouldn’t be too crazy to remember to carry his school ID on him all the time.

“Welcome to the United Airlines O’hare Lounge,” The receptionist swiped his student id card along a sensor. “You’re the second person to arrive, the layover will be 9 hours and your final flight to Long Island will take 2 hours.”

Eye of Phoebus

Taiyo’s flight felt rather redundant. After all, it would be easier to take a train to Long Island rather than flying to Chicago and then back again to New York. However, the first class flight was free and the amenities were wonderful. From what he saw from group chats and forums from Kalopsia’s students, it would be essential to take the designer blanket. And so he did, along with some snacks for later. Just a basic egg and cheese bagel, some croissants, some chocolate. Things he could put into his backpack quickly without the attendants questioning him.

Touching down in O’hare felt wild. Chicago was beautiful from the sky and from what he knows, much cleaner and nicer than New York City. He was escorted along with some others who had taken the flight from New York City. He had heard the flight attendants whispering about how they ended up on the worst flight. A flight full of NYC girls and boys, wealth rolling off them in waves. Most of them were House Psyke, but House Caesar was just behind in number. He learned they were House Psyke by accidentally pulling out his ID card, the red border making him an immediate target. Perhaps, since he was new he could’ve gotten away in peace.

So, when the Psyke kids pushed past him and the other Caesar kids, basically throwing them out of the way, dressed in their private esque-school blue uniforms, all designer and custom made. But their words hurt much worse, after all, they were the politicians and the manipulators. One girl rushed past him to catch up with her friends, some of her red hair getting caught into his mouth and her Psyke ID card falling into his hand. “Slow down,” she grumbled, before jogging up to catch them and swinging her arms around two of her housemates.

The rest of the Psyke kids laughed, cruelty mixing with joy. “You’re pretty slow for a Caesar kid.” The Psyke kids had their own lounge, on the other side of the airport so they dispersed from the Caesar kids rather quickly, too quickly for the id to be given back. Takagi put it in his pocket. The flight attendants led them on a long walk to their own lounge, quietly.

“Ids please,” the attendant behind the desk asked, holding out her hand and swiping each person’s ID card against the sensor. Within minutes they walked into the lounge, a few people already hanging around the food area and others knocked out on couches.

Guarded by Theoxenios

“Miss. Lestari,” the attendant bowed slightly before lifting back up. “Hurry along, this way please.” The airport was confusing and perhaps that’s how Ming-Chun got themselves lost. However an attendant quickly noticed the ID hanging from the lanyard on her neck and took initiative to lead the lost one.

Peaking out of the pocket of the attendant was a folded up piece of paper, Ming-Chun recognized the smooth paper in the unique, purple color that was signature to Kalopsia Academy. Every official piece document was in that color with that smoothness. With quickness the attendant stuffed it deeper in her pocket. Within 10 minutes they had reached the lounge

The line was extremely long at this point, much of House Caesar had begun to come out of their lines and the attendant seemed a bit frazzled to be checking each ID and swiping it. Luckily though, as quickly as it had grown, it had begun to cut down as attendants usher the students up the stairs into the beautiful lounge.

“Excuse me,” a House Caesar student bothered the attendant that led Ming-Chun to the lounge.

“Yes…uh…?” The attendant stared blankly at the student, pausing for a name.”

“Nia. Do you know where the bathroom is?”

Firmitias Smiles Upon

Ahn Seung had been in the lounge earlier than anyone else. She had taken a shower, changed her clothes and settled in for the remaining 9 hours of the layover. Attendants walked around, keeping an eye on the students here. The food was peculiar, it was a mix of dinner and breakfast food. Waffles on a plate next to pasta. It seemed a little disorganized, almost as if things were thrown together last minute.

Ahn Seung felt like this new year was a start of chaos. They didn’t even properly finish school last year, they did the last couple weeks at home. She yawned and her body felt sleepy, although she wasn’t quite sure why. Her mind felt like it was racing quickly but she couldn’t help but want to fall asleep. She swirled the drink in her hand, the ice tapping against the glass in her drink. All they had was drinks with ice in them, nothing warm or room temperature. She poured the last of the syrup from her cup on her pancakes. She did appreciate, however, the wealth of condiments. So many choices, everyone would have to find something they liked. Whether it was mustard to be put on a burger or sugar on some french toast sticks, there was everything.

Too many options.

Mercury’s Heart

Xinyi Liu was a Kalopsia favorite. It felt like it, at least. First class from Taoyuan to Chicago was an unattainable dream for 98% of people who board planes every day. Xinyi Liu even got an extra seating area for his bike to stay, that was a little extra for Kalopsia.

Arriving into the lounge was the easiest part of the trip. The hardest part was not falling asleep. After filling his starved stomach with food on the lounge he couldn’t help but sink into the comfy couches. Closing his eyes also prevented him from noticing that nosy attendant who always seemed to have his eyes on him.

The golden child, however, was consistently interrupted by other members shaking his shoulders and greeting him as they walked into the lounge. Music began to turn on as a member brought speakers and chattering became extremely loud. Other attendants came to quiet it but still, that one remained watching him.

Of Naiads

Nabi Moon’s flight from Incheon was nothing less than peaceful. Cruising on the business flight, nearly empty and then touching down as. As people began to grab food and chatter, Nabi flopped on one of the couches. While many people entered extremely bouncy, as time wore on, they began to quiet and cool down. Meanwhile, Nabi had instead opted to text her friends that she had arrived. She was too full to eat from the bar and the plane nap must have been the reason she still felt slightly energized.

“Water? Anything to drink?” Nabi looks up to see a man smiling down on her. One of the lounge attendants.

“Room Temperature?” Nabi asked but the attendant shook his head. The water he held out was sweating, full of ice.

“Bottled water?”

The man began to look nervous now. “One moment please.” He disappeared for a moment before returning with a glass of ice and bottled water. Nabi was pleased, the only water currently out was riddled with ice. “Please, don’t tell anyone.” He smiled softly before leaving the lounge.


Naia Kekoa had the wrong ticket. Somehow, Kalopsia made an error and brought her to Chicago a complete day early. After her family contacted the school, Naia was provided with escorts and chauffeurs to see Chicago and spend the night in a hotel with an entire floor cleared out for her own protection. Naia didn’t need a genius to tell her that Kalopsia was slowly devolving into Chaos.

From the information they had received privately, to errors on their student handbooks and now even flight tickets. Kalopsia was trying to withstand a tsunami of bad press and concern, so it was no wonder parents were worried and students had dropped out. But she was determined to stay at Kalopsia, finish her year here, and continue to receive money and opportunities from her surfing success.

Naia came rather late into the lounge, from long lines in the security check, to the officer trying to run her ID, check her bags and getting lost with her staff. It was a nightmare but she finally reached the lounge. She walked around for a little bit, before feeling something get caught on her shoe. Looking down she saw some of the powdered sugar off the dining area had fallen onto the floor and the sugar, looking like small diamonds had gotten off her shoe. She quickly moved away and made a mental note to eat some of the food brought from the hotel.

Cause of Dolos’s Weep

Anya’s ID card still hadn’t arrived, so she was slightly stuck. She was aware it was going to be late, they had warned her in advance. So when the flight attendant profusely apologized and explained they had received nothing for her it was annoying, to say the least. Luckily once Anya entered the lounge they recognized her and quickly let her in through.

As she entered she noticed familiar teachers had begun to enter the room as well, although they sat together in a corner and whispered amongst them, they were present to provide any sort of assistance needed. Renata Sousa, Amelia Vanmiligan, and Lewis Mason would guide them to Long Island from what she could tell.

Before she could explain her predicament to the teachers, an attendant gently put their hand on her shoulder and presented her new ID card to her. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience Miss. Smirnova, we found your ID card in the cockpit. It seems as if the pilot forgot to give it to you earlier.” Anya took the ID and flipped it over, it was completely blank. Minus for the words “Kalopsia” on the front in black ink.

She stared at it blankly, caught off guard and wondering if this was a cruel joke. “This is-,” Anya turned around but before she could speak she realized the attendant was gone.

Arrows of Diana

Levi’s anxiety is probably because he stayed in the corner. House Caesar’s chattiness felt too much, especially this late at night. Perhaps this was why he overheard Lewis Mason speaking to the other teachers. “I’m not quite sure that they’re ready.”

“I agree,” this one was Ms. Sousa. “It feels very foolish to continue like this.”

“That’s what I’m saying. Who can focus on sports when someone dies?”

“They’ll be devastated once they learn who it was.”

The teachers then took notice of Levi, surprised. Levi continued to stare blankly, the airpods in his ears thumping as hard as his beating heart. They turned back around, but quieter now. Levi lowered the volume down on his phone to try to piece together what they were saying.

“They’ll lock off more of the school.”


Alora was used to the luxury, used to the school, used to the doting staff. So used to it, it was expected. Which is why it was a shock that it was chaos. The attendants whispered as they looked at the Kalopsia students. The designer blankets were made by a new, smaller, Cyprus designer instead of the usual Chanel. Even the airline flight carrier had changed. It disrupted everything.

When she left the plane with the Psyke students she knew she wasn’t the only one who noticed. Plenty of the Psyke kids whispered among themselves, mocking the school and how it had downgraded slightly. Alora would admit, one thing that improved this year was the food.

She was ushered into the lounge, a quick look at her and the attendant waving away her ID to get in.

Favor of Somnus

Shay was perhaps the most adaptable to Kalopsia’s chaotic nature currently. Perhaps that’s why he was the only one that didn’t get nervous when Renata Sousa stood up and commanded everyone’s attention in the lounge. Whispers floated about, but most of all apprehension. The atmosphere was new and different and no one could deny it.

“My lovely house students,” She began. “Welcome to another year at the academy. I know you are nervous but rest assured this year will continue to be a great one.” Students looked at each other nervously. “After all, you’re here right? You all have the qualities we love determination, tenacity… loyalty.”

Shay leaned back into the comfortable couch. As he leaned back he felt something make noise inside of it. He reached his hand in there and pulled out a peculiar object. A small, silver ring.

Lupa Guides

“So please,” Louis Mason begins speaking after Renata. “Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.” Noe raised an eyebrow, slightly. The new changes were anxiety-inducing and just a little odd. He sat closer to a girl as he didnt know who else to sit with. [Valeria]

“As some of you may know, Maxen Labelle died last year from the gas leak. It’s extremely unfortunate and while his funeral will be held soon, he may have been dear to quite a few of you. Please hold a moment of silence with me.” The entire room cooperated immediately.

And also why Noe caught attendants’ conversation. “Remember Milgram’s experiment?”


“House Caesar feels like a Miligram experiment.”

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How did Levi manage to get a bow and arrows through airport security? He had no idea, but he did. After getting settled to wait at his gate, he hid away in a corner, eating a pretzel from Annie’s and listening to music on his AirPods. Yes, the pretzel wasn’t as good as his mutter’s, but it was better than no pretzel. He then overheard two teachers talking, and lowered the volume of his AirPods to listen in, giving the teachers a blank look. They saw him looking at them and lowered their voices even further. Wait, lock down the school? He wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but it wasn’t any of his business. He shrugged it off, going back to his pretzel.

Song coming through Levi’s AirPods.




Being the first person in the O’hare Lounge was a relief to Yasu Kudō, it meant he could enjoy the quieter moments for a little while before it became filled with students, most of whom would be eager to encounter their friends after the summer in a likely very loud fashion. Yasu didn’t know how long he’d have the lounge for himself, so he chose to act quickly. He left his carry-on next to a chair and began stretching, as comfortable as the flight was, his body still resented the fact that he had remained still for the best part of the ten hour flight. After stretching, he mentally listed the things he had to do once he arrived at Kalopsia, and remembered to shoot his parents a quick text informing them that he had landed. As if on cue, students began entering the lounge as soon as Yasu pressed ‘send’ and pocketed his phone again.
He was probably never going to get used to being around people, much less to the buzz and frantic activity once more and more people arrived to the lounge. It was… too much. Too much noise, too much activity, too many things to pay attention to. Yasu put on his noise-cancelling headphones, wishing he could step aside from all the activity around him.
He only took off his headphones, letting them rest on his shoulders, when Ms. Sousa stood up. It was far too early for the students to have to leave the lounge already, so Yasu assumed whatever she had to say was out of the ordinary.

Oh, how Yasu wished he had been wrong.

He wasn’t particularly close to Maxen, not really, but the news were still shocking to hear.
All Yasu could do was sit there, frozen, as he processed not only Maxen’s death, but the fact that it could’ve happened to him instead.
The news put how overwhelmed he had felt earlier in perspective. It may have been too much at the moment, but it was nothing compared to the uncomfortable feelings brewing on Yasu’s chest, to the thoughts flying around his head with no concrete beginning or end.

Now, that was too much.




Would it be disrespectful to ride his bike on the airport, on the way to the lounge? Xinyi Liu had enough self control not to do so, the airport was far too busy for them to try to do so, and the last thing he wanted was to get in trouble before school even began. Still, that didn’t stop them from daydreaming about it all the way to the lounge. However, the burst of energy he felt as he imagined that disappeared the second they leaned against the couch on the lounge.
They closed their eyes a bit, enjoying the remaining feeling of having been on the plane. As much as he liked Taiwan, nothing could possibly beat the feeling of traveling itself. They were starting to fall asleep when the were shaken awake by one of his friends from Kalopsia. Right, they were in school now, or would be soon. It was time for him to be the friendly person everyone knew. They let themself nod along the music a bit, enjoying the lively atmosphere with a small smile dancing on his lips. It wasn’t so bad to be a Kalopsia student.

Okay, maybe they shouldn’t have spoken so fast. That sure was a way to begin the school year.
The news from Ms Sousa left Xinyi in shock. How was that possible? Xinyi had gotten a letter from Maxen not too long ago.
It didn’t feel real.
Xinyi took out the letter signed with Maxen’s name and hovered their finger over the signature, scared to trace the name, as if tracing would make the letter disappear, revealing nothing around him was real.
After hesitating for a couple seconds, Xinyi finally traced the name, and absentmindedly let his finger slip, resulting in a paper cut. The paper in front of him sure felt real now, at least. Xinyi still couldn’t process it, though. How could Maxen, the same Maxen who had written that letter, be dead? The life that had been filling him up with energy had suddenly disappeared. The only things in the world were Xinyi and that letter. Along with the incapacity to process the news they had just gotten.



Claire Lovington

“Mom, please stop, I’ll be fine.” Claire sighed as her mom gave her a final hug outside of the airport. Because Claire lived so close to Chicago, she was fortunate to be able to have her parents drive her to the drop off point.

“I’m sorry! This is just the first time you’ll be gone for so long!” Claire’s mom wiped a tear from her eye as her father finished bringing over the last of her bags.

“That’s it, kiddo.” Her father sighed and pulled Claire into a hug as well. “That’s the last of them.” Now that all her bags were finally out of the car, it finally fully hit her that this was happening. This was it. Claire was going to go to the school of her dreams. In the arms of her father, Claire felt herself begin to tear up a bit.

“Be sure to call every day, okay?” Claire’s mom reminded her as Claire pulled away from her father and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I will Mom, I will.” Claire smiled before taking one last photo with her dad and her mom and grabbing her stuff. “I look okay, right?” Claire asked a bit concerned as she straightened her shirt.

“You look beautiful, honey.” Claire’s mom said with a smile as she adjusted the purple tag around her daughter’s neck. Claire gave her parents each one last hug before grabbing her bags and going into the airport. Claire followed the signs and the directions on her printed page of ‘What you should do when you arrive at Chicago O’hare International Airport’ instructions sheet.

Claire was shaking a bit from excitement and nervousness as she walked up to the attendant at the desk. Claire fumbled with her ID a bit as she gave it to the attendant. “Clara Lovington?” She asked with an eyebrow raised.

“That’s me.” Claire smiled a bit sheepishly. The attendant nodded and let Claire in, just barely in time for someone who looked like a teacher to begin a speech. By the time Claire had gotten to the lounge, it was already bussling with activity, even though it was immediately been silenced by the speech made by the teacher. As though it had been rehearsed, another person began speaking, who Claire immediately recognized from her handbook to be Louis Mason, the head of academics at Kalopsia Academy and probably the person she would have to speak to soon the moment she starts struggling in her classes.

Claire made her way to a somewhat empty corner as she listened to the academic head speak, pausing as she heard about the deadly gas leak from last year. She recognized the name from the papers, and from her coach’s surname. Quietly and awkwardly, Claire sat down and lowered her head in respect. Just from how the room felt at this point, it was clear that Maxen Labelle was a well respected man, making her wish she had the chance to meet him at least once before he died.



Levi continued eating his pretzel, noticing a girl sitting in the corner across from him. They made eye contact, and Levi sighed lightly. Ok, socialization. Weeee. Levi made his way over to her, pulling another pretzel out of his bag. He was planning on eating it, but judging by the look on her face, she needed it more than he did. “Hallo. Vould you like a pretzel?” He asked quietly, holding out the pretzel to her. He’d ask if she was ok, but that didn’t seem to be the case.
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Claire Lovington

It wasn’t long until someone walked over to Claire, but in all honesty, Claire didn’t even notice the guy until he made a noise, making Claire jump. The sudden noise in the midst of a quiet room scared her for a second. As a result of her jumping, Claire almost knockd her suitcase over, barely catching it in time before it made a loud thump. She looked up at the guy who was offering her a pretzel. It was the guy she had made eye contact with for a split second before she looked away.

“A-a pretzel?” Claire asked quietly to match the tone of the guy, not expecting or just ready in general to be talking to someone so soon. Before she could reject the guy because she had eaten at home, she suddenly felt really hungry. She had been so nervous that she didn’t even notice. “Sure, thanks.” Claire replied with a slight smile and took the a piece of the pretzel off of the pretzel so he could still have it. She looked at the empty seat next to her and then back at the new guy. “Would you like to sit?” She offered, feeling like it was the polite thing to do despite just not really wanting to talk because of how nervous she was.
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Levi must have startled the girl, as she jumped, nearly knocking over her suitcase. Levi instinctively reached out to steady the suitcase, resulting in both their hands on the suitcase. He removed his hand, dropping it to his side. “Didn’t mean to scare zou.” He said, nodding when she asked about the pretzel. “Ja. Not as good as meine mutter’s, but still good.” She thanked him, asking if he wanted to sit. “Thank you.” Levi sat down beside her, setting his bags next to him. He wanted to put his airpods back in, but he initiated the conversation, so he’d talk to her. “My name is Levi Weber. Zou?” He asked, waiting for her to offer her hand.
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Claire Lovington

It didn’t take long for Claire to pick up on the german accent. Yes, she felt awkward that both their hands nearly touched on her suitcase, but Claire felt even more weirded out that this guy was continuing to make direct eye contact. He introduced himself as ‘Levi Veber’ then waited for Claire to introduce herself as well. “My name is Claire. Claire Lovington.” She replied. He looked like he wanted her to do something. Claire began to internally panic, unsure of what to do. ‘Why is he still staring at me?!’ She thought.

“So uh…you’re mother makes homemade pretzels?” Claire asked, trying to quickly make things less awkward.

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The girl stared at him before he realized. Right, not in Germany. “Sorry. Formality in Germany. Ve shake hands.” He explained as she introduced herself. “Nice to meet you, Frauline Lovington.” He said. He nodded when she asked if his mother made pretzels. “Ja, they are very good. Nice and soft.” He trailed off before speaking again. “vhere are you from? I’m from Frankfurt, Germany. Deutschland.”
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Claire Lovington

“Oh! Uh…I’m sorry…” Claire quickly shook hands with Levi as he explained the whole thing about shaking hands in Germany. She was thankful Levi quickly took the hint about changing the subject, since Claire really didn’t want to accidentally insult Levi because she was unaware of his customs in Germany. Guessing ‘Frauline’ was like ‘Madamoiselle’ in french, Claire nodded with a smile as he talked about his mother’s pretzels. “Maybe you could make them sometime here. I would love to try them.”

“I am from Litchfield, Illinois. About 3 hours from here.” She replied. "I hope you had a nice plane ride on the way here and that you aren’t very jet-lagged. "

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━──────━▒ ۞ ▒━──────━

Location : Lounge, Chicago O’hare International Airport

╚═━────────────━▒ ۞ ▒━────────────━═╝

Jet lagged from the 12 hour-long flight , there could be nothing better than hitting the bed, if that was an option, Seung would obviously prefer that over a lounge filled with returning and fresh batch of students of Kalopsia. Old friends laughing at their own jokes and chattering away, new ones socialising to make friends to “not die out of boredom” or “survive”, were predominantly the source of chaos as Seung assumed, without paying much attention. Although it did not bother her to the core, nor created discomfort to an extreme level, still what she felt was loneliness among the crowd, which was rather a disappointment, not particularly in any one person.

She reached for her phone. There was not anyone to notify that she reached Chicago safely, or more like there was not anyone worthy of it in her eyes. She only stared at the lockscreen, featuring a picture of the father and the daughter smiling at the camera and holding a ball. She turned it off then looked around, just when the death of Labelle was brought up, followed by a moment of silence. Neither greatly moved by the mention of an unfortunate news, nor insensitive towards it, Seung respected the silence. She had spotted a familiar face (Noé) at a distance from her, more precisely she noticed the back of the white head, as he seemed to fail to spot her and seated himself next to a girl, perhaps from Junior year like him.

Seung put on her airpods, began to watch a game of volleyball.

━──────━▒ ۞ ▒━──────━


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“It’s not a problem.” Levi said, shaking Claire’s hand with a firm grip, the pads of his fingers calloused and firm. He nodded when Claire said he should make them sometime. “I’m not a very good baker, but it shouldn’t be too hard…maybe.” He said, shrugging. “It’s nice that you’re so close by. Unfortunately, I’m extremely jet lagged, but I’m fine. Coffee. The plane ride was fine, though. Germany is seven hours ahead.” He explained, taking a drink of coffee.
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Noé was absolutely exhausted after his flight and was half asleep almost as Val sat down next to him and he managed a smile. It fell fast though when he heard what the attendant said. Them the Milgram’s experiment? he thought to himself. He leaned over and poked Val to see if she had heard them talking and did a little nod towards the attendants hoping she would get the hint and catch anything they said. He was shocked to hear them at all with his hearing issues and hoped Val had heard even more than he had.

He had pulled his hood over his head and was hardly paying attention as he sat with Val waiting for Seung to show up. He looked for his phone to text her but remembered he had put it in his bag since he had been anxious and on high alert on the plane. He did remember texting both Val and Seung before putting away though that he was boring the plane and hoped to see them soon. They were the only two people there he even really cared about seeing. He moved even closer to Val as more people showed up and he wished more than anything to just leave right now. It was loud and more than a few people had already tried to talk to him.

“Val?” He mumbled and elbowed her softly. He was hoping she could read the look on his face. The whole comment about the Milgram’s experiment was still bothering him too. He knew that experiment and still was struggling at the comparison. Messed up hearing be darned he knew what he heard. “How are we like that experiment.” He mumbled more to himself but not caring if Val heard. He just got worried about Seung and hoping she made it in safe.

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A tired yawn left Nestor’s lips as he looked around for the lounge. After eventually finding it, Nestor grabbed a plate with food and sat down in a chair, tucking into his food. He was starving. While eating, Nestor pulled a book out of his bag and promptly began reading. He figured he should do something to keep him awake. He leaned back, letting out a sigh. Sleep would be nice, but that wasn’t going to happen. Maybe someone would sit next to him. He’d actually welcome the interactions.


Lounge: Chicago O’Hare Airport

Flying was always a simple thing for me. I was never scared of it like my sisters. I didn’t pray before every flight, like Maman. I didn’t sit in stoic silence like Papa. I simply flew. I would fly as high as the plane could take me. I would marvel at the genius of it all. How could a tin can possibly fly?
I recreated my own planes. Ones I imagined flew through the skies at breakneck speeds, ones that flew higher than ever before. I would fly them anytime, anywhere. They were essentially drones, to be honest. But I clung to them. In my mind, birds were the only creatures that could fly. So the fact that human genius gave us the ability? It propelled my imagination even further, launching me into the creation of even more ingenious inventions.

Growing up poor in Paris, we didn’t go on vacations. And the ones we did go on were road trips. The only time we went on a plane was for a funeral in Nuuk, Greenland for an aunt I had never met.
I probably shouldn’t have enjoyed the plane ride as much as I did.
We were lucky enough to go at night My sisters weren’t thrilled, and neither was anyone else. But I quickly learned that was the magical moment in time when all the lights were visible and the sky felt like an endless canvas of stars.

I was lucky enough to have this experience once more. Everything was peacefully quiet as passengers attempted to sleep. There were no noisy children - at least none that I had the pleasure of hearing. I almost forgot about the ridiculous Crow sitting next to me. Yes, I bought Crow a seat. It never would have ceased its complaining had I not. Luckily, Crow was being rather tame for once. It didn’t really sleep, merely pecked at its seed.

One might think that with my love of planes, now would be a glorious moment to work on my inventions. Perhaps one would be right. It was a known fact I hated wasting what little, valuable time I had left, but I couldn’t stop myself from staring into the deep depths below. There wasn’t anything to see as we crossed the Atlantic Ocean. Occasionally, there would be light down below. I assumed these were boats, maybe yachts filled with partying teens. Ones who weren’t planning their future with efficient schedules and detailed daily activities. Ones who weren’t in numerous clubs, each requiring a level of commitment they did not yet know. I, for one, couldn’t imagine a life like theirs. Though I recognize that many could never understand one like mine.

Despite my wandering thoughts, I waited for the piece de resistance. I didn’t know which would come first - the dazzling lights of New York or its memorizing sunset. It turned out to be the first, with the second quickly following. The plane landed in Chicago and I managed to navigate myself through the bustling crowds and crying children. Suffice it to say, the airport was more than I was prepared for. Though I was somewhat anxious for everyone to meet my odd pet Crow, along with what could be the few questions regarding my gloves - some of the few things that had changed about my appearance the past year.

The news about Maxen’s death, however, shook me. The incident had been awful and scary but never had I thought it would be such a tragedy. I remembered the few encounters we had while I was in House Quetzlcoatl. As staff, we didnt talk much. But his death was still alarming. Even more alarming was why no one had been told prior to this. Were there no press releases? Or had I simply missed them in the chaos? Surely, Maxen’s family would have said something. If Kalopsia Academy were truly such a prestigious school, the press would have been all over the death of a staff member, especially in these circumstances.

I leaned over to the person next to me, someone I barely recognized as Yasu Kudō. “Sorry to bother you,” I tread carefully. Yasu seemed to be somewhat distressed - of course, who wouldn’t be given the situation? “This is news to you, right?” I quickly remembered that Yasu probably wouldn’t know who I was, and on the off chance he did, I doubted he would remember my name. “Corbin Moreau, by the way. Recent transfer from Quetzlcoatl into Caesar.”

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Corbins Wings


TW: Unsafe bindings practices
Nina Vasilieva couldn’t breathe. To make things worse, they were in the middle of a crowded airport. They somehow managed to get to the lounge, gasping like an asthmatic. Sinking down into a chair, Nina took deep breaths, wincing. They’d put them on too tight. They couldn’t tell anyone, though. That would be bad. Just eat and drink something. No problem. They slowly stood up again, going to get food and sitting back down. They could hear conversation around them, but ignored it. Just breathe.


Excited and honestly not too uncomfortable with the large noisy crowd, they were undeniably tired but the excitement soon had that pushed to the back of Shay’s mind. Shay shifted from foot to foot excited but the ring that he had found in the couch was still tight in his hand. He wasnt sure where it came from before the couch but was sure it had been there a while and no one would miss it so he slipped it into his jacket pocket and made sure to zip the pocket shut. Shay didnt know anyone there and took a deep breath knowing he would have to try and make friends at least even if it wasnt something that he was super confident in. Initiating conversation always felt so weird for him and he never knew what to say.

He pulled out his phone and wondered what time it was and how long they would be in this lounge. He had already texted his dads that he had landed safely and would call them later after he had gotten all settled in at school. The Home Screen picture made him miss home a lot but he knew he wouldnt change the picture of him with his dads when he was little with one holding the nation title trophy that he had just won and Shay on the shoulder of the other. He turned his phone off and shoved it into his pocket as he headed out of the large crowd that was starting to form near where he was. As he was preoccupied shoving his phone into his pants pocket he had accidentally bumped into a girl watching something on her phone. “Oh im sorry I didnt mean to bump into you.” he mumbled awkwardly.




“Make sure to not embarrass our family name. Remember where you come from Regina, you’re not one of those little people.” Regina remembers her grandparents telling her. She had not gotten a ‘be well’ ‘we love you’ message from them just a ‘do not embarrass us’ message before the rolling of eyes and going back to their house. Regina was free again, was all she could think of. She had her freedom from her grandparents currently. Regina tended not to curse a lot but the only word that came to her was ‘fck’. Those words were below her, such typical words that teenage boys tended to use and words that displayed a low vocabulary but currently that was all Regina could think of and maybe sometimes the word ‘fck’ was enough. She was happy to leaving the dreadful place, she was happy to be freed from the chains that were her grandparents for some time but she was not happy to leave her family nor was she happy to leave the only friend in her life who wasn’t her sibling but it was whatever.

Regina arrived at the airport in a limo with her parents. Her parents had wrapped themselves around Nina as soon as they stepped out of the limo and told her ‘be safe. We love you’ her mom gave her a kiss on the left cheeks and her father gave her a weak smile. Nina gave them a warm smile, before she had turn around. The smile like a fallen angel had falling from her face and it was back to normal- her usual scowling and calculative face. “Nina?” Her father called, making nina to turn. “Yes, dad?” Her father gave her a sad smile, “We’re sorry.” Nina did not say anything. She knew what they were talking about but there was really nothing to say. Except ‘ok’ which were words she only said in her mind. She gave her father a soft smile before turning away again and walking towards the airport lounge.

Nina put on her headphones as she walked in the longue, the song, one of her favorites ‘you right played’ and Regina humed to the lyrics. I got a man but I want you, I got a man but I want you and And it’s just nerves, it’s just dck Makin’ me think 'bout someone new. I hope I never experience something like this, was the thought that crossed Regina’s mind. The idea of having to be forced to be with someone just because you feel like you own them something, the constant thought of whether she should stay in a relationship when she’s not really feeling anything and she’s starting to feel really attracted to others. Does she break up with her partner just because she’s lusting after someone who she has 0 idea if they would be fit to be together in any other way but physical? does she have to stay with someone just because they were with her when she was at her worst. Regina shuddered, she would never like that happening to her. Rolling her eyes she thought, it’s not like it would ever happen to her really. She has never even been kissed in her life and in the future she would probably be wed off to whoever her grandparents saw fit. That was right, Regina remembered, she didn’t have control of her life. Not even her parents did but her grandparents. Regina removed her headphones, the song was starting to annoy her now thinking of how her life was. She scrunched her nose, a habit she tended to do when she was annoyed. She needed to sit down. Regina walked towards a seat closed to a brown hair boy with bangs and sat, crossing her legs.




────── •✧• ──────

‘Oh Boy!’ Since the moment he was welcomed into the splendidly posh lounge of the Chicago O’hare international Airport as a Kalopsia student, Kelian came to the realisation that, this was indeed THE big deal. The white haired boy , who lived in an sorry excuse of an dirty apartment for all his life until now, was astonished at the elegance. Of course, he was aware of the fact that the treatment would be equal to every student of the academy and he was not anybody special but how could he deny the childish excitement? Who knew a sports scholarship could get you an admission in such an academy that could afford it.

Kelian was psyched to meet the other students. In a surrounding unknown to you, where you had of being laughed upon or treated as outcast, to socialise and build connections labelled as ‘friends’ was a way of survival, and Kelian had planned to make the most of it. Irritatingly, to his dismay, most of the junior year students, as he assumed, gave him either a glare or avoided meeting his eye.

“…Hello guy–”

You saying ‘Hello~’ like that? Dude you changed over thte summer break.”, they’d answer. What was that supposed to mean? What do they mean that Kelian had changed when he hadn’t even seen them before ? Kelian could have sworn that some called him something else behind his back, too bad it didn’t get to his ears properly.
However he fixated his attention on the guy next to him, who seemed to be shocked at the previously announced unfortunate news of someone’s death. “Were you two close?”, he asked out of curiousity and for the sake of starting a conversation. “I’m sorry ,I don’t even know them. I’m new here”, he added apologetically.

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