House on the Hill Sign-ups

Here are some basics for you to add to a sign-up thread for your RP!

several apparent strangers ~ multiple motives for murder ~ 1 dark and stormy day/night ~ ? bodies ~

WARNING!: Your character may die in this Rp. This is determined by if you’ve given another character a strong enough motive to want to kill you. So be nice, be kind, and don’t let the lights go out! :smiling_imp:

I request that the characters fit the Gothic mystery/horror genre! A short idea list is provided below but as long as the character fits into the genre, they’ll be approved! (That being said OC are allowed of course!!) Also if you want your character and someone else’s or even a small group to have had some past interactions/relationships, scandalous affairs, then I must insist that for the enjoyment/surprise of everyone else that you DO NOT SAY ANYTHING IN THE CHAT! If you wish to do this, simply send a PM to the person whom you want to have that backstory with, then when you’re both satisfied add me to it and I will approve it.

Idea list for inspiration:

Gothic Horror
  • Dracula
  • Johnathan Harker
  • Mina Harker
  • Any children of Dracula or Harkers
  • Dr. Jekell/Mr. Hyde
  • Dr. Victor Frankenstein
  • Frankenstein’s monster
  • Headless Horseman
  • Any character by Edgar Allen Poe
  • Etc
  • Col. Mustard
  • Prof. Plum
  • Mr. Green
  • Miss Scarlet
  • Mrs. Peacock
  • Mrs. White
  • Any children of these…Aliases :eyes:
World's Greatest Detectives
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Dr. Watson
  • Hercule Poirot
  • Perry Mason
  • Etc

Or create your own as these are merely suggestions/inspirations to help create your characters!

Each of them have been drawn to this house for a certain reason, maybe they want to investigate the reports of madness, the disappearances, or just the murders, maybe a few of them want to inquire about the mysterious letter saying the house once belonged to a relative, perhaps one of them maybe the mysterious caretaker of the estate, or they were blackmailed into coming, etc. Whatever the case, they all must have a reason to be here. The question that remains: Is someone behind all of this or is something much sinister going on inside those walls?

If anyone wants to help that would be great and really appreciated!

The course of this Rp will be over a single night (the Autumnal Equinox to be exact :ghost:) with each “time skip” being an hour or a couple of hours as the night goes on. Also those who choose to “Split up and search for clues” :woman_facepalming: are more likely to go mad quicker than those who choose to stick together. The object of this Rp is to solve the mystery of the House on the Hill before you either die at the hands of your friends or succumb to madness yourself.

Character Form:

Background: (This is a more ‘public’ version of your backstory. These are the details that almost everyone will know or have heard of about YC through a google search or the media/tabloids. For example: Your character is a wealthy socialite (wo)man, the son/daughter of Blank & Blank. In the eyes of the media your character is obnoxious as well as a notorious playboy(girl) who can’t keep it in their pants.)

Backstory: This is the usual backstory stuff that is just more detailed background info that other characters would have to ask YC about to find out. This can include childhood details to adulthood. However I would recommend that you don’t put your character’s secrets here because like them…you want them to remain secret :shushing_face: Although we like a good tease!

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