How big is your school’s campus?

I don’t think that my school’s campus is particularly big, although it’s a lot bigger than my campus in high school or elementary school :eyes: I’m not exactly sure how big it is though

  • How big is your school’s campus?
  • Do you think it should be bigger or smaller?



It’s… Pretty big actually! Way bigger than the one of my previous school


decently big considering it is high school


My school isn’t super big compared to the other high schools in my area :thinking: though our school population is pretty high

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It’s tiny compared to other schools in my area. Everyone just bumps into one another, that’s how smol it is :grinning::+1:

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Teeny tiny-

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We have two campuses and they’re on the other side of town but one is just the high school with some other small buildings and the other one is for Pre-K thru 9th (9th isn’t considered highschool)

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My campus is big. It has the high school building and middle school building put together by a huge a$s cafeteria with this nice bridge above to get to each side. Has a big football field has well.

It’s a university so it’s big. I’m not sure about it’s exact land area though, but our school is big in and you’ll already get tired before you even get to completely lurk around.

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My high school is to big…

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Idk when I go to Cg that it will tho :pleading_face:

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My college campus is about medium size.

My high school though, it was very small, technically just the one building, but it was located on the campus of a small college too.

My college is huge if I want to walk all the way across campus from one side to another it takes at least 35 min and there’s also three different campuses this is just the main one

Medium for a college.

Well… My academy has 3 buildings around the city so it’s quite big. Though it’s not fun when you have to go from one building to another and you only have 15 minutes

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