How can we create Egyptian Mythology RPs/SGs without copying CHB?

One thing that will come across my mind is to certainly not consider the demigod concept, as this can easily become a duplicate though there are ways to avoid that. The Egyptian mythology is colorful in its own ways just as other mythologies are, and I’m sure there are stories and concepts we can base them with. Even ancient artifacts that are connected to the latter.

I searched for that and found out about the Feather of Truth, which is used to judge a soul’s fate. Do you think we can base an RP or SG with this myth?

@RPers, what do you think are more ways or ideas to be able to make this possible without it being a duplicate of Ani’s Camp Half-Blood RP?


I think there are a bunch of ways.

  • You can use amulets that are connected to the gods.
  • have the characters be cursed or something
  • they go back in time
  • etc.

it’s mostly about a storyline, even if the concept is simulair, if you change part of the storyline, the goal and set up, combined with the players, they will be two different rp’s/sg’s all together.


Yes, true!

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I once made a short story where a guy who was christian before met and fell in love with an Egyptian ghost and then realised that if she’s a ghost Ancient Egyptian religion and burials were the right way so he started to subtly change his religion and make a propper burial for himself so he can meet his girl in the afterworld. He also uses this opporunity to not give too much to his family in the will

You could make a RP where people get haunted by Ancient Egyptian ghosts for reasons you find out later and when they all realised that if they’re ghosts that must mean the religion is the right one they start a club where they start whorshiping cats and they burry people with all their wordly possessions and their pets, and you could make some comflict out of that


This actually sounds really interesting


Ah, thank you for recognizing CHB, I get pretty defensive as it’s my child and @Littlefeets and I worked hard on ittt

Eygptian mythology actually has no demigods, so erasing that aspect will be easier than you think. Some ideas for eygptian mythos lover


  • Set a story in Ancient Eygpt itself
  • Heavy cultural influence in your RP fom ancient eygpt
  • A lot of Eygptian mythology focuses on the afterlife, do a story based on the travels through the afterlife and making it to the desired destination
  • Take an Eygptian prophecy and make it apply to modern life and the characters are pulled into trying to save the world


  • Story based around children of the Egyptian gods
    • If you read the OG books there are no Eygptian demigods because they cannot walk the mortal world without a human host or they would slip into the duat
  • Have them based in a camp where they train and stuff
  • Any of my personal written prophecies ;-; please don’t copy them or base things off them

Just don’t do those things and I won’t sue for copyright pls and thank you :heart:


  • Research research research into Eygptian mythology please. It’s complex and detailed and deseres the same respect as Greek or Norse.
  • Take your time and understand cultural influences and niches (example: red was bad color, black was bountiful and good color)

And if anyone wants to make a RP/SG based on Eygptian mythos, PM me for anything ((: I’ve done a lot of studying + research so I’m knowledgeable on it just ask anyone in CHB :eyes: It’s the one thing I’m good for :sob:


There was an amazing Dutch Tv show called House of Anubis and Nickelodeon made an English version of it and it’s pretty cool. So, if you haven’t heard of it, you should check it out.

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Also Eygpt was a multiculutural society!! Since it was in Africa it would no doubt have a lot of darker skinned characters and even writer’s in Greece wrote them saying they were darker skinned. But you cannot apply the idea black/white civilization on it because 1. It was large and multicultural with plenty of ethnicities. 2. They didn’t have a concept of race! The closet thing they had to race was Eygptian, Roman basically nationalism/country you were from (: That said don’t whitewash all the characters because Eygpt had a significant bipoc ethnic especially from the middle eastern countries such as modern day Lebanon, Isreal, Syria and Jordan.


oop yeah I completely forgot about that

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Kane Chronicles Rp. That’s different then CHB.

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ehhh i would stray because CHB and kane chronicles do intersect in my later RPs

easy. you dont

all i know about egyptian mythology is what Rick Riordan has…and that is excluding the story of Passover…they praised cats! I know that :smiley:

I think that if you’re going to do that, I think you should observe CHBRP thoroughly and figure out its aspects and core. Knowing that will give you a pretty good head start in generating ideas that won’t be the same as the latter RP :eyes: