How Close Are We to Getting Sci-Fi Technology?

A lot of science-fiction movies, books, and TV shows show a whole lot of impressive technologies. All of these are designed to be technology from the future or from alternate worlds, but science is impressive and can do a whole lot. Some popular examples of potential technologies that we could create in the future are the teleporters from Star Trek, the lightsabers in Star Wars, and Iron Man’s suit from Iron Man.

So, pick a piece of sci-fi technology, and let’s talk about the following:

  • Do you think we can make it?
  • How close do you think we are to making it?
  • Why haven’t we made it yet?
  • Do you think we can make it?


  • How close do you think we are to making it?

Not close at all.

  • Why haven’t we made it yet?

Because we humans have bigger problems then lightsabers and iron man suits. If we keep living like this (racism, sexism, etc) I don’t think we’ll progress because we just don’t understand the main problems.

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It’s kind of impossible for the time being, but sometime in another century, maybe those might exist.
So if we make it, it will be very far in the future (although i hope it’s soon).

That’s unfortunately true.

It will definitely take time. I can’t say for sure because if the they managed to do it before the Earth disintergrate, then kudos to them! Otherwise, I don’t see that happening.

We’re definitely making progress, but just baby steps.

Because the messed up society is pulling us down.

@Discussions Thoughts on this topic?

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We definitely can! Maybe not in the way we expect but it’s definitely possible.

:thinking: Still some years away I think

There’s probably some funding limitations and stuff we haven’t discovered yet

@Discussions what’s a piece of technology from sci-fi you wanna see?

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