How did you discover anime and manga?

I can’t quite recall when I first became aware of it because I always kinda knew what anime was, I actually got into it later in high school because it was another one of those things where I associated it with people at my school who were…unrad. But later in high school I grew away from that and discovered it properly for myself and I really enjoy it! I have every volume of Tokyo Ghoul and I’m always looking for new anime to watch or manga to read :joy:

What about you guys?


I really loved reading these books when I got my hands on some

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My friend loves Hetalia and Vocaloid.

I was just browsing through Netflix and I stumbled upon the anime section

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I had associates who watched it and tried to force me into watching it too but it wasn’t my cup of tea even though I’ve probably watched some on tv already. :sweat_smile:

Anime has been around me since I was a kid because my uncle who I grew up with loves watching it. It wasn’t really my thing at first, until I watched an anime that really intrigued me (Sword Art Online).

Since then, I’ve been watching it casually. Majority of my friends also watch anime, but I barely talk to them about it. And now, I watch anime religiously. I guess I’m more of an anime watcher more than a manga reader.

She was also a big fan of OHSHC, so I decided to watch it. Things escalated from there. Now I’ve seen like…fifteen. @AnimeNerds, how’d you discover anime and manga?

Anime discovered me.

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