How different was your life a year ago?

Another #activity-challenge thread!

Compared to right now, how different was your life during this time last year?
I mean, obviously no one was on lockdown, but other than that, was it different than now?

Mine was pretty different because of my job. I worked at an elementary school, teaching second grade. My oldest nephew was my student. He’s very well-behaved, but most of the kids in his class aren’t, and they were behaving especially awful this particular week (the first week of May). They refused to line up when I told them to get in line to go to art, and they’d scream, yell, and play in class when they were supposed to be working.
I got in trouble for scolding them in the hallway because parents were passing by, and the principal gets really upset if teachers yell at kids. So after that day, they brought in an assistant teacher to help me with the group. I left at the end of the school year and got a job at the middle school where I currently work.

I also lived in a different house at that time, but I moved to the apartment where I currently live in August 2019. I like it much better, to be honest. My old house was very isolated from other houses, and I didn’t have any neighbors nearby. Plus, it was extremely hot, and I get migraines when it’s too hot.

But despite that, l had a lot of great times with my relatives last year that I really miss right now.

What about everyone else?


Last year was the worst year of my life! (So far). And despite being quarantined and still struggling to pull myself out of depression completely, this year so far is so much better so far! My life last year was wasn’t good in slightest, I struggled with so many things last year and thankfully it seems to have settled down a bit. These struggles mostly refer to my already deteriorating mental health, I won’t go into detail about the specifics because I’ll probably start crying again. :joy:


Last year, everything was kinda fine.

My friend was happy.

My ‘bro’ was happy and my friends were still there.

This year, my ‘bro’ is sad, I got put of a toxic relationship and discovered I was autistic.

I’m depressed but honestly, I wouldn’t mind going back to last year

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My life was hell a year ago. I was struggling with near constant flashbacks, had random patches of missing time (thanks raven), social services involvement. Couldn’t be left alone with the monsters. September 2019 raven first started to try and reveal herself. October 2019 she finally did. End of October discovered my little. December 2019 Luna made her appearance. 0

This year, the flashbacks have calmed down now that I have figured out my triggers. Police sirens mainly :roll_eyes:. Still can’t be left alone with the monsters but that’s fine. I get its a risk with my youngest alter being 8. It’s like asking and 8 year old to look after a 3 and 1 year. Bad idea. Somewhat coping with DID. I now “talk” with luna and raven though writing I a notebook one for each of them. I would say I’m managing better than last year.

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Last year I was in middle school :joy: I remember how excited I was for high school thinking everything would change… and now I realize my expectations were wayy too high

Honestly, last year and this year haven’t changed. I’m still stuck with a grade full of fake girls haha

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A year ago I didn’t get into college and had to take a gap year but now I’m actually happy about it because I wouldn’t survive medicine… But I was extremely sad and disappointed at that time and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if I should try it again because that’s what my family wanted or try for the Academy of arts because that was my biggest wish.

To do something with all the free time I started volunteering! First it was at a film festival because I was thinking of going into that direction at the academy… I met some incredible people there and got a job because of them! It was an organization that works with youth and I was in the marketing department. That was very new to me because it’s not something I particularly liked doing but it was interesting trying new things!
Right on this day a year ago we were organizing one of the biggest events we had!

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My life is not that different from a year ago. Yes, the last year I’ve grown a lot as person. There were struggles but I overcame all of them and became a stronger person. However in my life itself not much changed, I joined this place but that’s probably the biggest change, besides that I have the same friends, do the same study ect.

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2019 was my year for sure
Best year of my life
I didn’t live with my family in the dumpster hole of a small town in the middle of nowhere where we lived, I lived with roommates in a bigger city but now I’m back with the fam sadly
I wasn’t in the army, no need to explain it’s just a free life and a whole lot better.
I wasn’t broke (partly)
Overall it was a very good and fun year, I liked my studies I liked my job…
And many other reasons

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It was so boring that I can’t even remember what it was like :no_mouth::green_heart::eyes::sparkles:

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To me 2019 hasn’t ended. This year is just like a continuation of last year, seeing as my luck hasn’t changed.

Sorry for it being long.

Last year from April to July I was in a cast and it was the most painful experience ever. I remember everything single night I would wake up in the dark and cry out in pain but my dad was the one looking after me and he’s a heavy sleeper so he really couldn’t hear me. At sometime I tried getting something after calling my dad for what felt like hours and I fell off the bed. I stayed on the floor for the rest of the night. The fall was something I would never forget because in an attempt to protect my leg ended up falling on my neck. The anaesthesia took longer to wear off and the doctors were talking about me being paralyzed or something. School was torture because everyone was making fun of me, except my actual friends. I fell several times and I tumbled down the stairs twice and out school has a long flight of stairs so it was a painful experience for my butt and back.My pain medications became a serious addiction and the injections were also an addiction. It was hard to quit but I was able to get through and it felt weird not having does drugs in my system but over time it better. I missed my cousin’s graduation even though I had been looking forward to it for months.

I eventually took my cast off and my leg was limp. It didn’t feel as if it were connected to my body at all and it was scary. I had pins and wires in my ankle so they had to take it out. I thought they were going to subdue me but they did it while I was awake. I had never seen so much blood in my life, it looked like a murder scene. I had forgotten how to walk, so I had to learn bow to walk all over again, till today I’m still told I don’t walk properly.

Everything settled for a while but then we moved during the summer and I wasn’t around. When I came back, my mom was on the verge of dying and I couldn’t see her. She was gone for a month and I was sent to stay with my cousins even though they had left for school. I had developed insomnia and my anxiety levels were off the chart.

After that everything was fine again for a while until I went to go get my leg checked out. I found out that all the stupid pain and shit I went through in school was for nothing because the doctor’s did more harm than good. I found out I have a rare a disease that occurs in children from birth. So I was told that the repair period was limited, so I scheduled for another surgery in March. Miss rona came and put the whole world on lockdown. So here I am.

Now I’m pretty much crying and sorry for the grammatical errors


Last year was the worst year of my life, I won’t go into the details, but I was really stressed because of school and my music school (side note: I barely passed my music school and finished it for good).
I had huge exams, went to my 1st year of high school (a lot better than middle school)

This year nothing interesting happened, it sucks because of corona, but then again I’m just chilling home and my grades are a lot better, so I would say I’m happier.

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I was allowed to go out. :wink:


O my lord! The accuracy of this :rofl:


I’m not even allowed to walk past me front yard soooo can’t really relate!


I haven’t been in my backyard





Lol, I just did and got attacked by an army of wasps.


this is why you stay inside :upside_down_face:


Yeah but the weather is so beautiful.


Haha I get that

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