How do you find the right balance for paid/free choices?

I tend to put way too little and way too cheap paid choices into my Dorian stories, so even with more than 60 people paying for them, I still haven’t earned much xD
Since my main focus as of rn is just to improve my language and writing skills, it’s not a huge problem rn, but it would still be nice to eventually earn at least a bit from my stories tbh

So, people who add paid choices into stories, how do you find the right balance, so you still earn some money but don’t lose (too many) readers?

Do you try to include a certain amount of paid choices in every episode?

And how much do you usually price them if the place you write at offers you to price them freely?

(Watch me price everything at 1 heart now that Dorian offers that option because I emphasize with broke readers too much :smiling_face_with_tear::pinched_fingers:)


Well, idk if this would apply to Dorian but something someone did on Episode was give you two free outfit choices and one that costed diamonds. One of the free outfit choices was a bad outfit that nobody should choose, and the other one was an actual good one that if you picked it, it’d get a positive reaction. I like that way of doing it because you’re not forced to choose a “good choice” with gems, if you do choose the gem option it’s because you want to support the author/you really liked that other outfit.

Idk if this will help at all, but yeah lmao.

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Well I haven’t written any paid choices yet since I’m still beginning my story, but these are some paid choices I plan to make

  • 20 Ds (short for diamonds) - get a bigger inventory by taking a bag with you or leaving it. I was thinking of making the bag be floating in the water or somewhere hard to reach for MC and the gang so getting the bag won’t only increase the inventory but also give a little adventure of getting the bag in the place where it’s hard to reach and have the character feel better and be stronger when they reach New York (because if the inventory is bigger more food and produce can be stored for the long trip the took).

  • I am trying to make multiple MCs by the usual means of "Now you are playing as : " and giving them backstories, lives, needs, love interests, a goal and a real reason they would like the MC if the chose her.
    So in this story if the MC chooses somebody or nobody as his GF/BF, once the relationship is decided the other LIs that weren’t chosen get their own LIs and for 15 Ds a scene you get extended content of them with their LIs and maybe something spicy.

For now on that’s pretty much it, excluding the choices important to the story which would cost somewhere from 18-25 Ds depending on how much the reader gets with the money. (For instance a hot scene is 18 because that’s all it is, and anybody who stuck with the story until the steamy moments probably didn’t stick because somebody is hot, but mainly for the story, the steamy is just for the people who want it, and the part of the story where the MC gets to buy a weapon it would be 20 becaue then their health in the big battle wouldn’t be as harmed as it would withouth it)

I think the @Episodians can help with this, right?

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