How do you imagine your characters' voices are?

Each of our characters is their own person in our head, and they also have their own voices. but while writing they probably have the same voice as your inner voice sounds like.

For me, it is that way at least, still, I try to give most of my characters their own voice if possible. I usually use either songs or actors who I think have a voice or can mimic a voice that fits my characters.

Nyana (FTD) has the voice of Julia Westlin.
It’s a clear and sweet voice with a soft tone to it, so in my opinion, it really does sound like her.

For dark, I imagine his stable voice to be like Night Argent
The voice is a little higher but still has a crispness in it.

and his unstable voice to sound like John de Lancie.
There’s something about his voice that has a little low crispiness to it that just works so well for that unstable evil character vibe, yet there is still a softness to it which shows that his stable side is still there.

and the inner dark voice that whispers to him while he’s stable sounds like this:
wait for a few seconds then press play on the colored levels

@RPers, do you give your characters their own voices?
what do the voices of some of your characters sound like?
and how do you often find inspiration for them?


Of course they do, they’re in my head having full on conversations. They actual people, not just creations. (wink)


aaah yes, only writers can have conversations in their own head where we aren’t part of the conversation ourselves. (I swear we’re not a bunch of insane people) :rofl:


Aren’t we?


Not just in head, I do talk to myself when I’m alone pretending to be the character I’m writing about

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Whaha same.

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sammis voice i love it sm



emily bronte lol

roxanne LMAO


so fascinating!

I really wanna do this but I gotta go find some voices :eyes::sparkles:

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