How do you name characters?

How do you name your characters? Where do you find the names? What kind of names are you drawn to?

For me, the name is really important for me. If I can’t find a name, I feel unmotivated to do the rest (I know, weird). I do have a list on notes of names to use, however, I usually completely ignore it and still end up searching for ages for a good name. Also, it’s really weird, but if I think of a name, I search all roleplays to see if they have used that name. If they have, I don’t use it. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you, but I do it every time.
What about everyone else? What is your process to naming characters?


For my manga characters.
Google search:

“Japanese Names that mean ___”

“Google Translate”

“Names that mean ___”

“Japanese Last Names”

Or I just come up with something that sounds cool.



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If it’s a character that has a certain background tied to them then I usually research it. Sometimes a name just pops into my head and I go with it.

I always pick FCs first and then look for names. I go for names that sound nice and fit my characters when you look at them but sometimes I’d look for a name with a meaning that fits my character’s personality.

I usually think of names I like
Or if the character is from Spain for example I’ll look for Spanish names
I usually pick the fc before the name (not always tho) and I just try to think what name would fit that person
Or just things that sound nice

I make stuff up sometimes lol

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I use a name generator or go on sites like Nameberry which are designed for parents who would like a name for their child

I keep the initial outline of who my character is as a person in mind and search for a name that will fit them. Sometimes I just go for a pretty name that just feels right, but I like it best when I find a Name with a fitting meaning and/or origin. Sometimes as I make the character I change my mind on their name, but I have to make it fit the character. For example, in my CHB characters I tried to give them names fitting their pantheon and when possible their godly parent. For my FTD characters I found names fitting where they came from and their notable traits. Jezebel in Blue Royalty, her middle name is Mallory meaning “unfortunate”, which fits how her mother felt about having her.

Last names might as well be the bane of my existence though.

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i jus look for someting that fits them
sometimes i like it, sometimes i dont /:
i tryyyyy to find something i like tho, it used to only be names that i liked that honestly didnt always fit them, but now i make sure it do by checking meaning and the reputation of ppl w that name on ud which usually correlate! other than the fact that it sounds pretty and i like it

i usually give them middle names bcos im indecisive (:
those are its own little mash thing w fist names, ITS SO IMPORTANT THAT THE NAME SOUNDS GOOD but i tend to overlook it bcos im an underachiever unless im motivated

last names are pretty easy for me because i live in a very diverse city where i see ppl of all different nationalities and ethnicities and everything and usually ppl w the same last name tend to look alike except for when u get to the like freed slave last name things but bdfyregjbrwgy. i mostly try to b accurate and not use common *ss last names for backgrounds that im not too familiar with bcos as a mexican its really annoying SORRY yall should kno cos like eh


missie is still the cutest name

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