How do you pick new movies/shows to watch?

Honestly, it takes me way too long to pick a new show or movie to watch. I usually find everything I see boring, so it’s hard to find something new :star_struck: I’d probably start watching a show if my friends recommended it or if I like the description of it.

What about you? How long does it usually take?


if they sound interesting-

so basically nothing :star_struck:


Same basically :star_struck::star_struck:


i pick something random on netflix that doesn’t sound terrible


Same :star_struck::star_struck: I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting my time so I tend to jump around shows when the first ep is boring


Sammeee :star_struck: if the first 30 seconds are boring, I start to think it’s a waste of time, even if I have plenty to waste :man_dancing:


If it has good reviews and lot’s of people are talking about it.


if the first minute or description is uninteresting i just leave it :star_struck:

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I watch trailers
If it looks interesting I try watching I suppose


For the cinematic experience: Stuff my friends recommend, shiz that has abstract looking set up like black mirror or ahs

Comfort shows: stuff I’ve already watched before, kids shows

Mostly through Netflix recommendations that are on the welcome screen. If I like the description and the trailer, I’ll add it to my list so I can watch it whenever I’m looking for something new to watch. I also look at the rating. Anything TV-14 and below is fine. I don’t watch anything that’s TV-MA, because it’s either too sexual, too dark, or too depressing. I prefer light-hearted shows and movies, even though one would expect me to watch ‘adult’ shows because I’m an adult. But I just don’t like it.

Sometimes I’ll pick a show or movie because I’ve heard good things about it from friends, but most of the time I just scroll through Netflix until I find something that interests me.

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If a trailer looks interesting I’d give it a go. Big plus is if that show/film is a horror

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