How do you respond to a heterosexual person who feels negatively towards an LGBTQ+ person?

I have only had this happen to me a couple of times because mainly I hang around with people who are LGBTQ+ themselves. But I do remember times where people have just said blatatly homophobic things and I just kinda froze.

I remember talking to a friend of mine about how rad the pride parade in my hometown is and this guy butted in and said “there used to be no gays here and that’s how it should be” then he got up and moved seats. Me and the friend just went quiet after that. I can’t deal with strangers.

I have however dealt with others that weren’t strangers or fully grown adults :joy: my main response is to just find out why they feel that way then discuss it with them.

I’m sure you all have your own methods though, so what do you do?


Ignore those people
They are never your real friends.

For me, I feel you don’t have to agree with lbgt.
But you should ALWAYS respect someone who is lbgt.
I am pansexual, I’ve delt with alot if hate in my school when I wore a rainbow shirt.
People are very disrespectful to lbgt+
I feel like we don’t have to see the same side of things.
But they should always be respectful to anyone who is lbgt.
You can’t control who people love.
And it should stay that way where people are free to love who the choose!


Agreed :relieved:

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Btw this is coincidental :joy: I don’t refuse to make friends with straight people


Thank you :pleading_face:

I feel like if you want to respond to them @anon68003072
Tell them that it’s you, it’s who you are and how you feel.
No one can change that.
If someone is disrespectful to you about how you feel then it’s time to find someone else to talk to.
If they want to be negative and not respect who you are they aren’t worth it


That is a good point! I have admittedly stayed silent when a “friend” (who is no longer in my life) said that gay people should be put in prisons I have noooo idea how to respond to that kind of thing since my brain just kinda dies at the ignorance. But yeah you are right I shouldn’t keep company of people who don’t accept me.

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avoid them usually


I understand.
I stayed silent when my friend said

“Gay influinces on tv make kids gay”
And that they should stop showing it :woman_facepalming:t3:
We’re not close anymore


The inner trinidadian in me comes to play

Depends on how I’m feeling at the time, I’ll ignore them or show off my favorite finger if it’s something very bad. :sunglasses:

I gay them away


Disregard their opinion, and if it’s actively harmful or just plain stupid, argue

Same. It just kind of…happening. Only me and my other friend are straight, the other 6 are LGBTQIA/LGBT+.

Anyway…for me, I just ask why they feel the way they do an talk it out. If we can’t come to a point where they agree to at least respect LGBT+ members, then refuse the talk to them.

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Generally, if I’m just hearing something in passing, I’ll roll my eyes and possibly mutter something under my breath depending on what was said. If it was something said by a straight classmate or someone I know, I usually just shoot them a look and add in a ‘really?’, the only real exception being family members because I’m not trying to out myself.

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“It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! God said gay bad!”

“Well, he also said wearing mixed fabrics is bad, and judging by how you look in that outfit, I’d say that I have to agree”


SO I think that you don’t have to love the idea of LGTBQ but you just have to support it and respect anyone who is that way. If it doesn’t negatively affect you or anyone else then it isn’t your business!
I really hope I don’t offend anyone by saying this, but when I was really young I didn’t understand LGTBQ+ people and tbh I was weirded out by it. I hadn’t seen it before and I wasn’t used to it. But I was like, “Meh, I don’t understand it but those people look pretty happy so good for them!”. And now I can’t imagine myself not understanding it because I’ve watched a lot of things about it and understand it now of course.
I know some Christian or other religious people think that it’s a sin to do that but like… it doesn’t relate to you at all, who cares if someone else might go to hell? What does that matter? It’s not any of your business lol. So that’s what I don’t understand about that whole argument!
If I did find a person like this in real life I would be so flabbergasted and think that they were joking or something, then I might try to have a discussion and see their side of things even though I’m never going to agree with it.


Same, my family is pretty stupid so a lot of their stupid opinions rubbed off on me. Now I can see why my mom was so anti-internet, she was afraid I’d educate myself. Now I’m just hoping my little brother doesn’t get affected like I did, since all he uses the internet for is Fortnite and Smosh :joy:


Can I stab them with a mini rainbow flag? Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee? :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

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ignore their petty ass remarks and go about my day-

I don’t need you to ruin my day for me




“Well, it’s the Bible not the straighble. Also God said Adam and Eve not Adam or EVE”