How expensive are manga's where you live?

Most of the manga I buy here range between $7.95-$10.95 dollars for regular manga. Though if you buy the more prominent mangas they range between $19.95-$24.95 dollars here. I have a ton of manga in a box upstairs plus on my bookshelf as well. I have bought some of the more expensive books but I can’t remember their name off the top of my head.

How much is it for you? Have you bought any of the pricy ones before?



They’re usually around 6-12 dollars where I live. I haven’t found any that were super expensive yet, so I obviously haven’t bought any.

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Yeah, I haven’t any in recent time but I also haven’t gone to the book store in months.

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Every volume of Tokyo Ghoul I got cost £8.99
I’d say the average price of Manga where I live is from £7-£15


I hate seeing stuff like 400 yen markers on the backs of the ones that were shipped to the US because it really makes me think about how much more expensive it is here :pleading_face: I get shipping and stuff is costly, but I don’t like it

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I wouldn’t do a conversion of yen to dollars to see the difference. I’ve been to Japan a small amount of money can go a long way.

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That’s not a bad price at all!

@AnimeNerds how about you guys?

I think I’ve said before the ones where I live are £8.99 ish each which is pretty good! But I use Shonen Jump which is a monthly sub of £1.99

Okay so mine is really dependent on the store to be honest, and just where I order from. It can go from $10 to literally $20. It really depends. Oh, and I’m talking about for a one volume itself.

@AnimeNerds is yours dependent like mine? Do they range based off where you get it?

I don’t read them but I went to check because I’m bored and they are usually between 10-20e