How expensive is episode

Very is the answer, I just wrote down how many gem Choices where in the first chapter of the story all I want for Christmas

In order the gem Choices where 19 19 19 29 19 19 That is 105 gems,

In the Danish app store, 100 gems cost 89. its on sale right now so you get more. But valuta Calculator changed the 89kr to 14,65 dollars That means One chapter where you pick every gem choice cost you 15 dollars.

And that is only chapter 1. It has ten. If all chapters cost the same. That would be 1050 gems. You Can get 1000 gems for 899kr. Thats 148 dollars.

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Dang…that’s ridiculous!!!
And even when you use the gem choices, they aren’t that good smh

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agree. often they are short, change maybe a few lines. if I pay that much I should have an entire diffrent story, not five different lines of dialogue.

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it’s like

MEAN GIRL : hey loser!
LOSER MC : choice “no you’re the loser” 25 gems “stutter and say nothing” free

Like what

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literally for the story I counted gems in

Wanna be godmother to my child
“YES 19 gems”{

“gotta think about it”{
I will make you change your mind


and same chapter but later

Wanna marry me

“YES 19 gems”{

“gotta think about it”{
next scene,

I can’t believe we are engaged.


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It’s so annoyinggg like nothing even happens

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Moved section and added tags!

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Okay – so I’ve decided to do some math to see how expensive episode is for those who actively buy gems, passes, etc. and the time it takes for those who don’t buy gems or passes. I will also be comparing this to other platforms to see if it’s really worth spending your money on these things.


Let’s say you’re one to spend gems on episode stories.
It costs 2 USD (rounded) for 22 gems, correct? this means this many gems would be able to get you to choose one gem choice (assuming that the gem choices are 20) on a featured story OR you can skip ads 4 times since each skip would be 5 gems.

But if you buy 60 gems for 5 USD (rounded) then you’d be able to make 3 gem choices, more or less OR 12 ad skips. It would cost 6 USD in total if you were to use the 22 gems plan to have roughly the same amount as the 60 gam plan, so technically, the 60 gems plan is cheaper.

I’ve noticed a pattern. As the deal gets bigger, 22 gems plan, 60 gems plan, 675 gems plan, etc., etc., if you were to try to buy the cheaper ones to equivalate the larger gems plan, it would just be more expensive than simply buying the larger plan.

I’d say, it depends on how often you read episode stories. Are you willing to wait through the ads? because if you are, then it’s not worth spending your money on these gems. Do you read episode-featured stories? if you do and you also buy gems, then it would be more worth your money if you bought the larger packs of gems.

Take the most expensive gems pack which is 1500 gems for 100 USD. IS IT WORTH IT? NO CUZ NETFLIX’S PREMIUM PACK IS 18 USD compared to an episode platform that has trash featured stories – NOT WORTH IT

But what if you don’t want to spend money on gems?

What you can do is read each episode which will give you a free gem. Choices are roughly 20 gems, so that means you’d need to read 20 episodes in order to get 20 gems. But you only have 4 passes that take 4 hours to refill.


The passes plan is similar to the gems plan, so you get the same idea.

But what if you don’t want to spend money on passes?

You can either spend 4 hours waiting for the next refill OR you can watch ads to speed up the wait by 30 min.
Say you’re an avid episode reader.

420 minutes = 4 hours.
This means you’d need to watch 16 ads to refill your passes. But the thing is – ads are limited so you can only watch a certain limit before you actually have to wait.

Episode VIP

So in the VIP includes 10 gems daily PLUS 50 gems as a gift (why does this remind me of the slope formula y = mx + b BYE), unlimited passes, with double gems for each episode-featured story you complete.

Is it worth it? 7 USD a week? that’s 28 bucks per month. per year that would be 336 dollars.

Is the VIP this all worth it?

Let’s compare it to Netflix using their basic plan which is 9 USD a month.
Episode VIP is using 7 USD per week, so that’s 28 USD per month for stories that can’t guarantee quality. Whereas Netflix actually has hundreds of shows where a LOT more effort is put into it than an episode story, ngl. PLUS many, many episodes and seasons of many good shows, ALL FOR A MINIMUM OF 36 BUCKS PER MONTH. SHAKING. MY. HEAD.

But their premium plan is 18 USD per month, which is STILL cheaper than 28 USD per month. if you use it for a year, that would total in 216 USD for Netflix. If you use Episod’es VIP, that’s 336 FOR A YEAR. That’s 120 dollars MORE than Netflix. So is the VIP worth it? hell no

ohmygosh i did all this math at 4 am bye

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I spend 30 min making this thread why did I do this to myself :pensive::raised_back_of_hand:t3:


Cool story bro

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Omg cri sherrie BUT STILL HELPFUL

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even tho i didnt read it VERY HELPFUL THANK YOU-



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Understandable bye

I’m sorry but this apostrophe really bothers me- :eyes::eyes:

And the VIP deal is probably still cheaper than buying gems and passes without it, because you get 10 gems and unlimited passes for a dollar every day :eyes::eyes:
Although, I could be wrong if you pick the most expensive gem and passed pack, because maybe that’s proportionally cheaper then :eyes:

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