How has RPing or SGing shaped you as a writer?

When RPing or SGing, there’s an element of influence on you as a writer. It can be in the skills you learn, the comfort you gain with differing ideas, exposure to further diversity in characters, plots, and writing styles, or even influences in your own motivation, inspiration, and preferences in writing. RPing and SGing can open your mind to so much in your writing, through things you wouldn’t have thought of, known about, or been comfortable with. RPing and SGing can even impact your confidence in aspects of your writing to push you out of your comfort zone and into something new and great.

What are some of the ways your experience with RPing and/or SGing helped to shape you as a writer?



RPing is really a big part in my journey as a writer. It has helped me improve generally in all writing aspects—character creation and development, better storymaking, etc. And yes, it made me be more confident of my works :eyes:

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mostly? it’s helped me with improving my english ngl
but also it’s taught me to write streams of consciousness better, which… well is a lot since my current writing style is LOADS of streams fo consciousness haha

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It has helped me a lot in general conversations and looking at new angles. if you solo write, you know what will happen, so having a conversation between two characters about nothing except getting to know them more, is often hard when you already know them.

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^^^ TRUE!