How have people who are homeschooled been affected by the lockdown?

Obviously things have changed for the people who go to school. But for the people who don’t go to school and are taught from home, how is this affecting you?

I know some people pay for tutors to come to their house so I guess that can’t happen now


It’s not really effecting me tbh. I don’t really go out anyway. Although the one thing i’ll be doing after quarantine is going shopping.
It’s affecting my older sister more tbh (she’s homeschooled too but i think she’s finished school now) as she loves to go out and now she can’t see her boyfriend so she’s quite peed off.

I don’t like how all of my siblings and my father are off too. Because it’s usually me, my little brother, my older sister and my mum at home and it’s so quiet But now everyone is home and i have a very big family and everyone just shouts at each other. My parents then wonder why i’m always on my laptop and phone and not in the living room talking to them, LIKE WHY DO U EFFING THINK??
And my mum and brother usually go to my nans house on wednesdays and i get to just chill out and watch netflix for a bit until they come back home. And when it’s holidays all my family (cousins, my other nan, aunts, uncles) goes too and it’s my only chance to see them but now we can’t ;(

But yeh the only difference is my family is home and i can’t see my other family.

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