How important is art to you in manga?

Okay so for my own opinions on this: I don’t think it’s that important. I think that if the art were really bad, it could distract a lot from the plot, but usually drawings and a plot just need to be good in tandem, without either being particularly bad, for me to enjoy reading something. I don’t think I would read something I didn’t like just because the art was pretty, although I might look at the style separately. It’s a lot less important to me than my brother, though, cause he can be a lot more picky about the art in his manga and doesn’t like the art style in one of mine.

~ How important is art to you in manga?
~ Have you ever not gotten a manga because of the art?
~ Have you ever gotten a manga just because of the art?


The art is the first thing I look at in a manga, so it can turn me off a bit from reading it if I don’t like the art. But if the storyline is good, then I wouldn’t mind the art that much. Although I still consider art as a big factor in choosing a manga.

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If I don’t like the art I won’t read the manga tbh

Art isn’t the main thing, there are some manga with art that is not really my taste, but if the plot is good I’d read it.

It’s not the first thing I care about, but when the art is truly beautiful, it really touches me. Lol. Idk why!