How Is the RP Community Coming Along?

So, I don’t know the first thing about RP. I want to make sure this forum is an amazing home for all the RPers out there, so I’d love your input! I have 2 questions! And feel free to blow my notifications up!

  1. How is it going along? Do you actually have enough people dedicated to RPs?

  2. Is there anything else I can be doing to help you build up the community?

If you have any suggestions on how I can make the forums more RP friendly, I’m all ears :heart:


I’m pretty sure we have a bunch of RPers here, but we all haven’t come together and actually like, organize a role play that actually…well, starts. At least not on the main forums. There’s probably some private RPs in PMs.

But I think we need to gather all the RPers on these forums and just let everybody mingle, let the creative RP juices flow, and actually start a RP. :joy:


It’s good to know there are quite a few RPers! Maybe we could set up a time that suits everyone?

Could anyone who’d like to get involved put dates and times that suit them below? :grimacing:


Honestly, it would be a whillle. Well, at least for me. School’s started, studies are gonna devour me whole, and such. I’ll give a vague one, if that helps in any sort of manner. Around two-three weeks? Also, some ideas need tons of devolpment. Most RPs have detailed plots, or at least a good idea of them, already. That takes a butt-load of time- :pensive:


I love to help build an RP community on this forum! For me, school’s started, but as of right now, I’m free on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays around 6pm EST, Wednesdays around 4pm EST, and maybe on Thursdays around 7pm EST as well as weekends.


Same here Echo.


I’m UTC+2 and as of right now. I think I won’t be able to participate in RP’s until around 7 PM-ish ? I still have to get my schedule, so this can change to a earlier time. Though doubt it. During the weekends ,however, I should be available during most hours.


Small. Very small community as far as I can tell.


It’s sad! We’ve got some amazing RPers but we’re still so small as a community!


It’s like meh. School has assaulted me and put all my ideas and 1X1s on furious hold. I already have like 10 replies back on Epi, and I can’t see myself coming to rp as advanced and detailed before school takes a break on me. However, we do have really talent d rpers here and creative minds, so once we get used to school and find a little breathing time, I’m sure we can kickstart it,


It’s understandable. I’m currently signed off work so I have plenty of time during the day in the uk


I’m at work most days so I have to rely on my lovely @ForumStaff to keep this place active for me until I can do my cleanup on the weekend!


This thread is still of importance

How can we help you RPers?


Wish I could think of something to help get this section moving

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As an RPer what do you usually look for when you come onto a site that has an RP section?

Any good sounding RPs like divergent on here or camp half-blood a Sirens Cry on episode forums


That sounds awesome

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It was awesome :pensive::wolf::revolving_hearts:

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That’s good. :white_heart:

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