How is your bed decorated?

My bed looks like this :smirk_cat: my books are my decoration XD


I can’t say I wasn’t expecting that.

Hmm, why not? :rofl:

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I have a quilt for my abuela and a lot of plushies

Well, you love horror, so a Chunky blanket isn’t super surprising.

:rofl:Yep. That makes sense.

Don’t know if I should be offended lmaooo.

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I’m not laughing at you or your choice in bedsheets. I’m laughing because it fits you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I know. Tehe. Why do you think so, though?

What’s yours decorated like?

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I haven’t made the effort to decorate my bed or buy any new bedsheets/covers because I’m moving away in a few months, and want to start over. But I want a sunflower/yellow theme for my next bed. No surprise there.

Screenshot from 2022-05-17 13-07-02

An absolute mess.

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Lowkey liking this hahaha

Ur asethetics awesome n.n

I have a bunk bed :disappointed:

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I share with my twin m(._.)m


Twin :sob:

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My bed is just normal?? If It were left up to me, it’d be messy with all urn the pillows scattered around but my mom will kick me out of house then (kidding). And she fixes it whenever she finds it messy

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Nothing special
I have 7 pillows, everything is usually white or purple
But I do have a canopy bed sooooo :sparkles:

Nothing special, I have some stuffed animals on there, but that’s it basically…