How long does it take you to write an episode?

How long does it generally take for you to write an episode?

It can take me anywhere between a few days to a few months, depending on whether or not I forget to work on it.


When I was still writing it took me like a week on average to write a full episode

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The first 3 episodes really take me longer than the episodes after them. Sometimes I finish an episode in few days, sometimes I need weeks

Probably like a week.

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When I write in Episode it takes me one to two months to fully finish an episode. (Because coding, branching, characters, outfits, point system, etc.) When I write in other platforms such as Wattpad or in my notes, it takes about/less than a week.

If I procrastinate (which I almost always do), it takes me more than a month. But if I don’t procrastinate, I think it would take me like a week or two :thinking::rose::two_hearts:

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Sometimes I procrastinate and sometimes I’m busy. So it might take me a few weeks.

If I don’t get stuck or procrastinate, anywhere between 1-2 weeks.

It took me more than a year because I procrastinated and I was adding and taking out things in my story.

I’ve never fully finished one — so two years? :eyes:

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One episode can take me around 7 hours in separate sitting times. usually i write one scene and fix that. then start the next one and take a break.

sooo about 28 hours for at least 3 episodes-

From 2 weeks to a month.

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From 1 day to max 5 days per episode.
I plan the script beforehand, so the only thing left for me to do is directing and adding overlays/tappables etc.

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@Episodians - how long does it take for you to write an episode?


Usually a week and a half, which is why I now publish every other Sunday.

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