How long have you been a fan of your favourite artists?

I just noticed that I’ve been a fan of my favourite rapper for about 8 years now (although my mum said that it’ll be “just a phase” :joy:) I’m also a fan of other artists for a bit longer but they aren’t my favourites and I don’t really listen to them all the time so I’m not sure if that really counts.

What about you? How long have you been a fan of your favourite artists?

Almost a year, because I think I started becoming a fan of PM in November 2020. I don’t count that period in early spring 2020 when I almost became his fan after I heard Sunflower and Circles, but didn’t because I was too scared of getting attached to a celebrity, so I tried to push it away to avoid getting too into him. But I think something really random got me to start liking him more… it was an advertisement for shades where he picked up and hugged a cat. I know, super random, right? Then I listened to Better Now and fell in love with that song almost instantly.

But the process was kind of gradual because I became a “I like more than five songs, I listen to him while coding, I watch and read his interviews/videos he appears in all the time, and I participate in discussions about him on social media” type of fan in March 2021 after I Only Wanna Be with You came out.

And yeah… I hadn’t been a fan of any celebrity since I was in college, so this is a pretty big deal for me.

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Ever since middle school and that’s… a long time

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