How many colours do you usually use?

I usually use at least 5 colours for my drawings because I like my drawings to be colourful :eyes::sparkles::green_heart:

How about you? How many colours do you usually use?
Which ones do you use the most?



Any color that fits lmao

Depends on the drawing :thinking: Sometimes I like to keep my colors consistent and other times I just go crazy

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I don’t really limit the number of colours used in a drawing, I just use whenether I need it. Plus, there are shading and highlights which requires different colours so I don’t really count them.


Do you prefer limiting the number of colours/colour palette or just go wild?

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Ah, whatever looks good usually and feels right to me. Though I don’t use more than a small handful on average.

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I usually use 3 bases max, then add maybe 2/3 extra for shading, but it depends on the drawing.


I’ve had to do bunch of paintings for my class and I’ve realised I tend to use earthy palette. That’s if I’m not painting an ocean which I love to do

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