How many hours do you spend on your phone each day?

My average seems to be at around 5h per day this week, but it’s usually a lot less because of school taking away most of my time :eyes::sparkles:

So how many hours on average do you spend on your phone each day?

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What do you do most of the time?
Do you think that you should use your phone less/more?


Recently I’ve been spending around 8 hours on my phone, honestly don’t know how because I had to prepare for my exam and I still have one left. But if I didn’t have a laptop that number would be higher. I prefer to be here, on the forums, on my laptop because it is easier and my phone is laggy.

Apparently, I use instagram the most and then chrome and youtube.

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Way too much, around 10. I do basically everything on my phone, from watching classes, Netflix, being here, making art. It’s all on my phone…

It depends but I think that I spend more time on my laptop :woman_technologist:t2:

My phone doesn’t show an average, but it’s around 10 hours this week :flushed:

Forums, discord, pinterest, zepeto, but mainly the forums

Definitely less-


I spend around 4-5 on my phone, but I spend wayyyyy more on my laptop :eyes:

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From morning to afternoon I attend online classes then I work on online assignments till evening and at night I watch some drama and chat and :sleeping: and this is my daily routine me and my phone

I spend like 8 hours on my phone and like 10 hours on my laptop so that’s great-

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Basically all the time

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My phone activity’s decreased because of the desktop, so about 1-5 hours, maybe?

Not so many lately
Not since getting my switch

5-8 hours

Up to 5 hours

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