How many years of school have you completed?

Whether you’re done with school or are still going through it, how many years of school have you completed? How many do you want to complete?



So far, I’ve completed 16 years of school (3 montessori, 1 Kindergarten, 8 elementary and 4 high school). All that’s left is for me to finish my four years of university.

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20 and counting…kindergarten, skipped 1st, then 2-12 so that’s…12, then 2 years of college (no degree), 2 more years of college (still no degree), 4 years of college (finally a degree)…and I will try to get a Masters at some point. Maybe when I’m a retired elder or something.

8 primary school+6 high school+3.5 bachelor= 17.5 at this moment. I want to end at 20 years of education, 0.5 more of my bachelor, and then 2 years for a master.

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You can do it! Or you can be like me and get your Masters after retirement. :rofl:

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Hahaha, the idea of a master gives me so much stress so I might :joy:

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On the other hand, ripping off the bandaid at once might be better than slowly dragging it off.

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True, that’s a good point. So I guess I will just push through and start a master next year :upside_down_face:

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You can do it!!

Kindergarten, elementary (1st-5th grade), middle school (6th-8th), and high school. Currently in college and I’ve finished 1 semester.

So 12 years of school?

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Well, I’m in 10th grade right now, I have two more years until I graduate highschool.

8 middle school
4 high school
3 college
So that’s 15

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