How much do you spend on clothes?

I don’t tend to get that many clothes usually, but I honestly have no idea how much I spend on clothes. I usually don’t get clothes secondhand, which tends to be a lot cheaper, so I doubt I spend a particularly small amount on clothes because of that.

How much do you spend on clothes?
How much do you think is reasonable to spend on clothes?



Spend? Spend money on clothes? Would that mean that I had to go shopping, 'cause I don’t wanna?!


I just buy what I want and see, actually, so there’s no consistency so that I can tell how much I spend money on clothes :eyes: and I don’t shop too often xD

But sometimes my mom gives me a certain budget for it when we go to the city, which last I remember was 1000 PHP, and I think that’s reasonable?


I don’t shop for clothes that much. My clothes will fit me for a long time and I’m good with that. I don’t grow so.


Anywhere from 50-200 dollars on clothes. The prices are steep here. Especially when it comes to female clothing. I have a tendency to buy packs of socks whenever I go to a store that sells them. Most of the time, when I purchase something like two pairs of jeans, two shirts, a pack of socks, and anything else round up over 100 dollars. Jeans are at least 30 dollars here, shirts run between 10-50 dollars each, and socks run between 6-20 dollars depending on if you are buying in the different sets of bulk socks. That doesn’t even cover bra’s and underwears, those puppies cost 30-50 dollars a bra usually. Underwear is a bit better if you buy the multi-packs but still, it can be very pricey that way as well.

I think the reasonable amount would be 50-100 dollars on like six outfits at least. The cost of clothing is ridiculous.


Also, I have to buy more clothes usually because my sister likes to take my clothes. I’ve tried buying the same clothes for her but she won’t wear them.


Aha 0 :author_stareyes:

$500 TTD
Maybe more :eyes: but that’s like the average and I don’t buy clothes much

Ummm I’m not even sure :eyes::eyes:

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I don’t shop for clothes often because I don’t have the luxury to do so but when I do, I get to spend quite a lot because I also buy a lot of them.

I like shopping for second-hand clothes because they’re cheaper and I also get to have lucky finds. I only buy expensive clothes once or twice a year.

Clothes are expensive and I don’t think it’s worth it to spend too much money on them if you can buy them on a low price.

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I usually spend about $75 or so when I go to the mall, which is only maybe twice a year

It depends. Women’s clothing is outrageously expensive for clothes that don’t even have pockets. I guess I might pay up to $100 for a few nice shirts and pants that will last multiple years

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I spend typically 0 to 0 bucks on cloths

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I spend around £100 of money I steal from my carers :call_me_hand:t4: I normally buy a ton of good clothes that don’t cost that much, instead of buying like two tops that cost £50 each :smiley: but once in a while I do but reallyyyyyyyyy expensive clothes if I’m feeling like it :hot_face:

Maybe £30 :thinking:

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I basically only spend money on clothes… I just love shopping :sleepy:
I don’t buy clothes that often but when I do I spend a lot of money

Roughly between 50-100 dollars on a few shirts and some jeans. Depends on where I shop at since the prices are higher where I live. Most pair of jeans cost between 25-60 dollars when it comes to pricing.

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