How often do you go to the cinema?

When I was younger we used to go quite alot as there was a deal called orange wednesday and the tickets got discounted. We would watch alot of stuff and to this day the cinema is my favourite place to be but I go pretty rarely these days. The last time I went was to see Endgame :joy:

What about you guys?


I went to the cinema quite often, mostly for the nachos or Star Wars.
The last movie I watched was also Endgame :joy:


I go to the movies a lot more than I did a few years back (since im allowed to go on my own =D)
Sometimes I’d go to the cinemas almost every week xP And sometimes I’d go like once a month

The tickets are cheap (£5 only :0) so it’s kewl xD

i haven’t been in agesss. I’m pretty sure i last watched how to train your dragon the last one.


SpoodlerMan: Far Frome House was the last one for me :eyes:


I think I went to cinema Last Time umm 7 to 8 years ago

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The last time I went was in October to see Maleficent 2 with my nephews and some of our neighbors.

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The last time I want to the movies was to go see Aladdin with my mom, sister and her husband so I think that was last year

I go like once every year. The last time I went was last summer to see Aladdin.

sadness noises

I was planning on going to see Black Widow but EVERYTHINGS GETTING PUSHED BACK

I think the last movie I saw was… it was a while ago. I need to look it up.

It was probably Infinity War, lmao. We went there for a field trip. YOU’RE KILLING ME MARVEL


Have you seen the sequel :eyes:

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Our local theater used to do a thing with the elementary schools where they’d sell summer movie packs, you’d spend a flat fee and have tickets for whatever movie was playing that sat/sun, up until my youngest sister moved onto middle school my family would go see a movie almost every weekend for like three months.

Movies are mad expensive and I have bills now so if I see something in the theater I need to really want to see it. The last time I spent money on a movie was actually not that long ago, Birds of Prey was iconic by the way, I would have gone to see the Invisible Man but yuh know…did order it on Amazon though and I enjoyed it in my living room. Amazon has a bunch of in-theater movies available for rent right now by the way, if you haven’t seen Birds of Prey or The Invisible Man you can rent them for 20$ on Amazon right now.

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Maybe like once a month. I had an ex who would go like 2 times a week…

I go there once every few months :eyes::rose::two_hearts:

Probably one month around 4pm due to it cheaper.

I have a Cineworld Unlimited card, so very very often! But not right now weh ;-;



Maybe once a year :eyes::sparkles:
It’s quite expensive here and I’m not really interested in movies so I don’t go to the cinema that often :eyes::sparkles:

Three times a year probably is the maximum :eyes:
I only go to the cinema when I want to see a movie right after it comes out or something like that. I totally don’t download movies illegally and watch them at home

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I used to go maybe once every second moth before corona. I go more often during my breaks than in the middle of school.

I love going to the cinema and I tend to go with the same friends, it’s awesome but quite expensive hehe.

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I really only went when there was a good movie that I was dying to watch and couldn’t wait for it to come out on Netflix or wherever

I think one of the last movies I watched in theatre was Frozen 2 with one of my friends. So childish but we were bored and wanted to go out :joy: