How often do you update your playlists?

I update my playlist whenever I hear a song I like and that I think needs to be on my current playlist. There’s really no specific method to this, as I don’t actively search for new songs, but sometimes songs pop up on my recommendations, or there’s one that I like and is stuck in my head.



Whenever I buy new music

Usually sporadically and I’ll add like 90 songs at a time

Whenever I discover a new song, I add it to my playlist.

And there’s this thing I do every two months or so, where I listen to EACH AND EVERY SONG on the playlist in order and remove the ones I don’t feel like listening to anymore.

Basically for me, I updated Spotify every other week when a song get stuck in my head.

Pretty much all the time
Whenever I find new music or stuff like that

Whenever I am in the mood.
If I am feeling good, find something awesome and have time in hand, I add around 10-15 songs in my playlists.

Almost never
I use Spotify so I just like songs I like and then listen to my liked list

honestly i need to update bc i still have songs and playlists from middle school on there and get hecka judges for them :clown_face:

Whenever I find a new song I like or daily

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Not often enough really
I last did it a few months ago because I had over 800 songs but the songs I actually wanted to listen to never came up


Whenever I liked that song or i am finding a song

Whenever I find a new song that I think could fit my “themed” playlist
But that doesn’t happen often at all

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