How popular is plastic surgery in your country?

I wouldn’t say plastic surgery is popular in my country, but if you look at our singers most of them are plastic. And I have nothing against that, don’t get me wrong, everyone should do what they want to do but it’s getting kind of ridiculous. The goal here is to have the biggest lips and look a certain way and a lot of young girls look up to our “influencers”.

I’m really curious about other countries. How popular is plastic surgery in your country?


I mean it does happen, but those who use plastic surgery are usually celebrities or social media influencer. I don’t see a lot of average people do it. The only person around my age who has had plastic surgery done, did it for medical purposes.
(She had a breast reduction)


Well, in my area, not many people have undergone plastic surgeries… well, except this one person who was a victim of acid attack but that’s okay, we shouldn’t judge him. In UK, I guess the statistics are majorly less for cosmetic surgeries (again, I could be wrong).

And you’re right. Mostly people in the media and television undergo plastic surgeries to look a “certain” way. And, that’s okay. I’m fine with that. There’s not much wrong with that fact.


Sorta popular :eyes:

People like to do it on their breasts and butts and lips and stuff


Yep. Exactly.

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It’s not popular in country because we don’t have doctors or anybody here that specializes in those sort of things

Not popular in our country. Although there are a lot of people who would undergoes surgery to remove their eyebags, face lifting, botox etc, plastic surgery is a different story. I don’t know any local celebs here who has plastic surgery.

It’s not really popular here. People often talk bad about those who get plastic surgergy unless it’s something necessary because of health issues. Celebrities often get plastic surgery but they also have to deal with lots of hate because of that. However, small surgeries are slowly getting more popular.

@BeautyEssentials What about your countries?

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It’s not really here. Well, it’s not common practice, at least.

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