How thick is your outline/lineart?

How thick is your lineart? Personally I would keep them rather thin, like 1.0 mm but that’s just my art style.

  • How thick is your outline?
  • Do you change the thickness depending on the area you’re working with?
  • Does you lineart comes with different sizes?
  • 3.0mm when drawing the skin, outfit, accessories, etc
  • 2.5mm when drawing the hair
  • 2.0mm or 1.5mm when drawing the features like eyes, nose, mouth, etc

Yep, I just mentioned them above.

I don’t really understand what this means :sweat_smile:

@Artists how thick is your outline?

Usually anywhere between 5px and 12px for the brush, however, it’s for a 3000x3000 canvas or something of that size.

Of course, I like to keep the lineart ratio consistent with the canvas size.

There are different sizes, but since it’s all proportional with the canvas, it’s hard to tell.

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